Monday, March 8, 2010


Here are some random things about us that I know your life will be so much better once you know them. :-p

Let's see, where to start. Last time I blogged, I told you how our friends had just had a baby. We got to visit little Ariana in the hospital and she is a little cutie. I can't get over her coloring (her mama and papa are Italian) - she's so dark compared to my lil Casper:

Later that day, we went to Hannah's school to watch her choir program. They sung about Besty Ross and Abe Lincoln, etc. It was a really cute program. The next day, we snuck over to Tiffany & Victors house early to play welcome wagon to greet the new family when they got home. Along with our decorations, we left some of our yummy tortellini soup and bread.

I've been thinking a lot lately about babies and birth and after birth care and I think I want to maybe do something related to that. Not like a nurse or a midwife or a doula but something similar to that...I'm not sure what it would be or if something like what I'm thinking even exists. I know none of this paragraph really makes any sense - I haven't made sense of it myself yet. I know that I have a lot of friends that either just had babies or are about to have babies and I like knowing that I answered some of their fears and maybe made things a little easier. It would be awesome to be able to do that more often for some one that maybe doesn't have the best support system at home.

In other news - on to some good for my parents finally. My dad was offered and he accepted a job for another company. This means regular pay for them and I know it's lessened a lot of stress they were under. Unfortunately, my parents also lost one of their dogs last night. She was a bit old for a lab (11) and in poor health. They did the right thing but I can't even begin to imagine having to do it. I look at Sadie and realize she's getting older and this is a harsh reality that we'll have to face. I'm not sure I'll get another's just too hard and 11 years isn't a very long time in the scheme of things.

My nephew turns 12 on Wednesday. I really can't believe it. I can't believe it was 12 years ago that he was born. Time goes so incredibly fast. So fast. And now I look at Ben and realize I truly have to cherish every single moment because in a blink of an eye, HE'LL be 12 and I'll be wondering where that time went (and Connor will be 24 - HOLY CRAP).

I'm having such fun embellishing Ben's baby book that I've decided to give doing a scrapbook for him another try. I went out and bought a smaller book - the 12x12 pages are just too intimidating (for me) to fill up. So maybe I'll be more successful with a smaller page. I've also been thinking of hosting some sort of scrapbooking party but I'm not sure how to do it or if anyone would be interested in coming to it.

I have an incredible need to buy Ben clothes. :-p I need a new second hand shop - my favorite place doesn't have much for baby boys. But in related ramblings - I was way bummed to discover last night that Ben's outgrown one of my favorite sleepers. It totally made my day when I went into my favorite second hand shop and found my favorite sleeper in a 6 month size and for only $1.95. SCORE!

Well, that's it for my random ramblings for now.

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