Saturday, March 27, 2010

So...where's the good Easter Bunny?

There must be one...right?

I'm contemplating sending KIVI (channel 6) a nastygram for false advertisement. It's through them that I learned of the Easter Bunny at Zoo Boise and the commercial they ran showed this beautifully decorated area with a really nice bunny...okay, first of all - the zoo was PACKED. We drove around for about 15 minutes before we found a spot at the other end of Julia Davis park. We hiked over to the zoo, paid our entrance fee and weaved through the crowd to the area on the map where the Bunny Photo Op was supposed to be. We got there and see nothing. So we figured the bunny was on break and wandered around the zoo, checking out other areas and watching Ben people watch (he didn't care at all about the animals (not surprised) but was very interested in what other people were doing). We wandered back over to the bunny area several times and never found anything. I went off to go change Ben's diaper (only to discover that the bathroom I was in didn't have a baby changing station - seriously? at a zoo? a place that appeals to children?) and when I got back Nick found where the bunny was. The bunny was in some little hut type thing with a tiny sign on the door saying "Bunny Photo Op" was way lame. It was just the Easter Bunny sitting in a corner. No beautifully decorated area.

On Friday we did go to the mall and did have Ben sit with the Easter Bunny there. I just don't care for the pictures. The bunny isn't a very good one. But (that's me shrugging) oh well. I wanted Ben to have pictures with the Easter Bunny and I have some...I just don't care for them.

So, I want to know from my other parent friends: is this normal? I've never done this before (the Easter Bunny scares the crap out of me...I made Nick hand Ben over to him at the mall) so I have no idea. Is it always kind of lame? Is there no beautifully decorated place with a pretty Easter Bunny?


  1. I wouldn't know. I never do the mall santa/easter bunny thing. Sorry it was such a disappointment though!

  2. Yeah, the Easter Bunny is always kinda lame to be honest. At least it was for my kids. Both my boys HATED the Bunny. I mean, you can only make a giant rabbit look so cute before it starts to cross that creepy line. Santa was okay for them, but not he Bunny. It's one of those things that SEEMS like it should be really cute, but always ends up being not-so-great. Hey, at least you have an adorable little boy to even out that creepy, not-so-great Bunny!