Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can't Sleep. Solution? Middle Of The Night Blogging.

Today was a great day in Idaho! All sorts of fantastic happenings - small things, like I finally ordered that camcorder I've been eyeing and big things, like my dad was offered a job (HALLELUJAH!) and Victor & Tiffany greeted their little girl today. A pretty good day in Idaho indeed!

Some random updates on Ben (these things were scrolling through my mind as I laid in bed, attempting to sleep...let's see if I can capture any here):

Ben is filling out his clothes rapidly. He's tall (long? ha ha) for his age. He's 4 months behind one of my friends from high schools son and only 2 inches shorter. Good grief. As a result, some of his clothes fit him weird. Baggy around the middles but perfect in length. Those that fit around the middle are typically too short.

He's on the move a lot more. Kicks and wiggles with excitement (you should see him when I strip him nekkid), he's beginning to play more with his toys. He's holding his head up a lot now, looking around at our house and seeing all that there is to see. I catch him watching TV now and then, absolutely fascinated by what's going on.

He rolled over from his tummy to his back once or twice - I think it was on accident but still. He did it. Speaking of tummy time - not his favorite. He'll lay there for awhile but mostly I think it bugs him because he can't really see much. He's starting to do little mini pushups, though, when you lay him on his tummy.

Another thing he doesn't really like is the swing. I'm not sure why, but it mostly just pisses him off when we set him in there. He loves the play pen - but that's mostly because that's where the hippos are (little bar-mobile-type-thing that hangs over it) and the hippos are his friends.

He loves it when we play with his face. Stroking his cheeks and forehead and booping him on the nose. When he's especially happy he "hoo"s over and over like a little tiny owl. It's the cutest thing.

He's begun to cry when things startle him. Not just the startle reflex of throwing out all the limbs like he's about to catch himself (which always makes me laugh because #1 it's cute and #2 he's never fallen) but now his little face crumples up and his cries. It's the saddest thing ever and I hate it when he makes that face.

Sleeping is much improved. We have a pretty solid night time routine now. He's usually down for the night by 9:00 and up between 1:00 and 2:00 for a feeding, then again some time around 4:00ish and then he's up for the day usually by 7:00. He plays in his play yard while I have my first cuppa and play on FB. Then he poops, we get changed, eat and nap. That's about it for the routine for the day, though. After that, it's all on him and his mood. We have a bath every other night and they're getting better. I think I must be one of the rare mom's with a baby who doesn't care for baths. Recently, I've been rewarded with HUGE grins when I shut the water off and stand up. That means bath time is over and that makes his day. :-)

Nick asked me if it felt "real" yet. I said "nope" and it doesn't. I mean, he's my baby and I love every little bit of him, from his gorgeous blue eyes down to his crooked little butt crack. It breaks my heart when he cries and I'll come running to save him when he wakes up scared. But it feels surreal still. A, when am I going to wake up? Kind of deal. I don't think it'll feel "real" til we have our first scare - which I hope we never have.

Can't believe he's almost 3 months old. He'll be walking and talking, sassing and getting in trouble, scraping knees and breaking hearts before you know it. I'm at war with myself - I can't wait for him to get big enough to sit on his own so we can put him in the grocery cart (our car seat doesn't fit on top of the carts so I strap him in to our carrier when we go) and for when he can entertain himself for bigger chunks of time. But on the other hand...I want him little forever, so I can cuddle and snuggle and never have one of those hearts he'll break be mine.

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