Sunday, July 18, 2010

Horseflies, Mosquitoes & Butterflies, Oh My!

Well, we're back from Ben's 2nd camping excursion (and our 2nd of the year!) and boy, do I have the sunburn (and bug bites) to prove it. Ouchie!! But that's okay, a day or two of aloe gel and this burn will fade to a lovely tan. Camping was just okay. Certainly better than our last adventure but ding dang it was HOT. HOT! And the bugs....oh my the bugs. The horseflies were out in FORCE. As soon as the flies would go away, the dang mosquitoes would be at ya. And the butterflies...I am completely and irrationally skeered of butterflies. I HATE them. I don't even like photographs of them, I think they're gross and I freak out when one flies towards me. Go ahead and laugh - I know it's a stupid phobia but I can't seem to help it. I think I might be more scaredy-pants of stupid butterflies than of spiders.

Anyway, we had some frustrating moments because it was SO hot. Ben wouldn't nurse when I took him in the tent because it was too hot and I didn't bring enough formula to not nurse him. He spent quite a bit of the day on Saturday being slightly cranky from being too hot to nap or eat. Mostly, though, it was a good time. The sky was a gorgeous deep blue and at night the skies were crystal clear. I saw two shooting stars and 3 satellites roving around. :-) I discovered a new-to-me feature on our camera that allows me to take pictures with the shutter open for longer times, so I played around with that a bit. I drank an entire bottle of Bailey's (it was a small one...) and we had a great spot. Our normal spot closer to Barber Flat was taken so we camped a bit closer to Idaho City, near Rabbit Creek.

In Ben news - he's 7 months old today! Holy cow, time is going by so, so, SO fast. I'll be taking him in to his doctors tomorrow for a weight check to see how he's doing. He started waving hello a little bit today. He did it to Nana a few times at breakfast (we stopped at Trudy's in Idaho City on the way back home) and I "practiced" with him tonight and he did it a few more times - SO CUTE!

7 months later, I'm finally getting around to researching cloth diapers. I look at what we spend on diapers and I look at the sheer volume of used ones I throw away every week and it makes me feel bad for the environment (I'm a bit of a hippie in that regard, I guess) and my wallet say "OUCH!". I think we're gonna invest in some bumGenius ones. They are SUPER expensive, but I found a bundled deal on this site called Mommy's Own were we can get 18 diapers, 18 reusable wipes, 18 inserts, a diaper sprayer for the toilet, some detergent and a diaper pad for $350.95 (it's on sale from roughly $430 and right now it's free shipping). That's a LOT of money, but Nick pointed out that's about 4 big boxes of diapers. This bundled deal is an INCREDIBLE savings - I've found them on Target & Babies R Us for $38 for TWO diapers. The diaper sprayer (which I think is pure genius) is $45.

So this weekend, I am thankful for good times with family and I accomplished keeping all the bugs of Ben! :-)

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  1. Before investing a whole lot of money in cloth diapers, I'd suggest going someplace like and getting some used ones first. I used cloth with Emily for a while, and tried again with Allie, but they are just NOT for me! WAY too much work! But good luck to you if you choose to try it out. (oh, and I'd suggest the flushable diaper liners instead of the sprayer. Way easier and less nasty.) :)