Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm trying something new, that I hope to remember to do every evening before bed. Things have been a bit stressful (self induced: I severely jammed my two little toes on my left foot yesterday and today I crashed (I'm clumsy, what can I say?) into the wall in our guest room, broke like three things, one of which leapt off the wall, smacked me in the head and made me bleed...10 minutes later, Ben grabbed a hold of the hair on that exact spot and gave it a good yank) lately and I forget to stop and smell the roses. Every night, I want to pause and reflect on my day and find one thing to be thankful for and list one thing I've accomplished (idea scored here).

Here are today's:
I am thankful for: mommy time
I accomplished: grocery shopping!

Not exactly glamorous items, but the mommy time (and time spent chatting with Susan) was a MUCH needed break. And as for grocery shopping - can we say hello coffee! Yum...... (and bye bye headache!)

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