Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 Months.

milestones, first birthday and Susan's visit!

Well holy cow kids we made it a year. His 1 year check up isn't until Monday so I don't have any "stats" for you as far as height & weight.

He's accomplished many milestones this year. The big ones we haven't seen yet are standing unassisted and walking. His vocabulary will continue to grow and I'm delighted at the words (and signs) he can already use to communicate. He says: mama, dada and cat (but it comes out more "cack") and some times dog (gog). He points, claps, waves, and raises his hands up as if to say "what?", he can sign "milk" (which doesn't always mean milk, sometimes he's just thirsty for water and sometimes he's hungry) and we're working on "please" (he'll do it on me instead of himself). He clucks his tongue and is practicing lots of new sounds. He's discovering his own personality and experimenting with what gets attention (tantrums have been big at our house lately...yay...).

He's cutting several teeth (which is what I feared would happen when he teethed so late). One bottom tooth is poking through and the other is right behind it. I'm pretty sure his top two are coming in and he gums a lot on the sides of his mouth. I wish I could say mine was one of those babies that breezed through teething but he's been quite the crab monster through it. Poor boy.

He's transitioned to whole milk very well. I wasn't sure how he'd do so I started out small. The first time I gave him some, I replaced a few ounces of formula with milk and he didn't even show that he's noticed. He's had several bottles now of just straight milk with no problems. Yay!

Susan rocks!

Susan came out to visit for his birthday. I always feel bad when she comes, that I don't show her enough things to do. As a result, we spent a lot of quiet time at the house - crafting, party planning, some shopping and just general relaxing. I hope she had a nice time - while we may not have done a whole lot, I know these last few weeks have been stressful for her at home and I hope she enjoyed the opportunity to relax and sit back worry and care free. We went and saw Burlesque at the theatre, which we both really enjoyed (we went to see Love & Other Drugs but when we got there, the showing that was listed online wasn't showing at the theatre - rude) so we picked Burlesque instead. Cheesy, predictable and completely unrealistic but absolutely a lot of fun (and honestly, fairly clean, considering the subject matter).

Today was Ben's 1st birthday party. I've been working the last few days getting all his party stuff printed out, cut out and assembled and I think it came together nicely. I supplemented some of the party package I bought with things I made, as I blew through 2 ink cartridges. It was a nice gathering of family (one of his guests wasn't able to come due to a family emergency) that was relaxed and not too stimulating. He got an impressive array of toys from our modest group and he seemed to enjoy every one (the most impressive was the ride on excavator toy from his cousins, but I think he most enjoyed the light up snowman ornament from the Paquette's and the steering wheel toy from his Nana B). He made us all laugh with his cake - he pretty much dove in face first. I found a nice sugar free cake recipe on Weelicious that I made into cupcakes and a small cake for him and frosted with store bought frosting (I so wanted to make the frosting myself but I ran out of time and energy - but Candi, I'm absolutely going to try the recipes you passed on to me!!) which seemed to be a hit with him and every one else.

And so goes another year that I'm sure will be over in a blink of the eye. Hope you all enjoy your Christmas with your families!! :)

12/18/10 at 6:05 pm: exactly 365 days old

update with Ben's stats: 20 lbs (12th percentile), 31 inches (85th percentile)

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