Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well I realized that I didn't blog about our Christmas 2 day extravaganza. Friday afternoon we loaded up and headed over to my mom's for our family gift exchange. There was an incredible amount of presents to be opened:

the insane amount of gifts - we do this every year (and by "we" I mean my mom ha ha)

It was chaotic and a bit frenzied and a little overwhelming for Ben & I. He again, didn't really seem interested in ripping the paper off his presents. I wonder if he might have been, had the setting been a bit more calm. As it was, he did have fun playing in the shreds of paper left in his cousins' wake and crawling off to play with their new toys.
Hannah, Emma, Ben & Connor
A good time was had by all and we took home a nice haul. Nick got the best present of all, which was completely wacky and weird but so totally appreciated and needed. My parents got him a pillow (at my suggestion). I had warned him ahead of time that he'd be getting a present that would make him scratch his head and make a "what the heck" face but that he'd really love. And I was right. I buy the cheapo pillows from Walmart and he is forever complaining that they suck. Nick bunches his pillows up and before too long, the batting is all lumpy and uncomfortable. So I told my mom he'd love a nice quality pillow. And he does. ;)

Christmas morning, Ben crawled off to the Christmas tree to see what Santa left him. He found a caterpillar tunnel, an airplane, a house and a teddy bear waiting under the tree.
Off to see Santa presents
The house pretty much stole the show, but he does love his tunnel. He played with the airplane for a bit and didn't even look at the teddy bear (whatevs, Ben).
He loves this toy from his Florida aunt & uncle
Christmas Day afternoon we headed back over to my mom's house for dinner and the gift exchange with my grandma, who didn't want to come out Christmas Eve. Ben spent lots of time playing with his cousins and being carted around by Emma. It's a good thing he likes her!
Cousin snugs on Christmas day
Nick's been out of school this week and last and it's been so nice having him home. Sunday we watched the Packers beat the Jets quite nicely (look at me, becoming a freaking football fan in spite of myself... sigh) and helped my parents eat some of their leftovers. Monday morning my mom went in to the hospital because she was feeling pretty badly. She's still there and might get to come home today. She had some internal bleeding, which she had scoped and it looks like the cause might be one of her arthritis pills, so they're taking her off that and hopefully the situation clears up. She was low on blood and fluids, so she got several units of each Monday night. Fingers crossed that she starts feeling better and gets to come home soon!!!!

We're taking all 3 of the kids on Friday to celebrate New Years Eve at our house and give their parents an opportunity to go out and have fun or just hang out at home, sans kids. I have some fun ideas planned for the festivities and I'm excited for them to get here!

I made the thank you cards for Ben's birthday and got (most of them - I ran out of stamps, so mom & Carin, I'll hand deliver yours next time I see you) in the mail yesterday and a thank you made for my neighbor (she brought over a big bag full of hand made treats like fudge, home made peppermint patties, home made peanut butter cups, etc) and now I just need to give that to her.

Hope every one had a great Christmas and wishing you a happy & safe NYE!

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