Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 1.

He doesn't look excited, but I promise you he loves it :)

Unbeknownst to me (at first), today marked the first day of the Three Day Potty Training Boot Camp. It was Nick's turn to get up with Ben (ahhhh, peaceful sleeping in....) and when I got up, I found my son running around the house pants free. Apparently Nick had started pee pee training with Ben first thing, he'd used the potty a few times by the time I got up.

Then we hit a bit of a roadblock. Ben was having far more misses than hits. Nick & I got into a bit of an argument - I wanted him to read the articles I'd read so he knew all of what I knew (and not just the parts I could remember) and I wanted us to know what we were doing so that when we hit road blocks (like peeing on the floor), we knew what strategy to take. Finally we decided we'd wait and do it another weekend, after we were a little better informed.

Not long after that, a diaper clad Ben sat himself down on the potty all by himself and peed. So off came the diaper and Ben peed. And peed. And peed. And peed. Etc. All in all, I think the kid went about 15-20 times in a half hour period. He's so excited by going and the resulting cheering from mom & dad that he gets up before he's done.

After nap time, I whisked him away to the potty to go. There again, we had a tiny set back as he was disoriented and not sure what was going on (Ben needs at least 5 minutes of "wake up" time in the crib by himself - I was so eager to get him to pee on the potty instead of in his diaper, I interrupted that time. This equaled a kind of cranky kid for a little bit. Tomorrow, I'll let him have his time.). He wouldn't use the potty at first and ended up peeing on his feet as he washed his hands. Aside from that and the few messes first thing this morning, Ben seems really good at using the potty. He goes and sits down completely unprompted. He knows when he has to go, and he knows where he's supposed to do it. There were two "uh oh's" where I forgot to remind him if he had to go, and he was so busy playing that he just went where he was this evening, but for the most part he's been pretty good at using the potty. I've started setting a reminder on my phone for every 20 minutes so I don't forget to ask him if he has to go.

One of the things I'd like to work on next is how to encourage him to stay seated til he's truly done going. He's so excited for the cheering, he gets up before he's finished. This makes for at least 5 trips on the potty before he's done. It's okay now, because it's all new & exciting, but I can see this routine getting old fast.

one of our infinite hand washing trips. edited for his modesty :)

Tomorrow (according to the plan), we're to leave the house for 1 hour. I'm not sure where we'll go... maybe just take a walk around the block and then play in our yard? I'm a little torn over what to do on Little Gym days. If I follow the plan to the letter, he's to only wear a diaper for sleeping. I think if I have him go to the bathroom before we leave the house and maybe then again at LG before class starts that he'll be okay. I just really don't want him to pee all over the gym. I should call ahead and see what they recommend - since they deal with kids of all ages, surely they're used to potty training. Maybe I'll just have him wear his diaper for the first weeks of classes til he gets more reliable at holding it for any length of time... I also have a few play dates planned for next week that I'm not sure how I'll handle yet. I certainly don't want him peeing on the floor at some one else's house.

So that's day one. All in all, this went a LOT more smoothly than I thought it would. I envisioned basically an all day adventure of our uh-oh's this morning. He about shocked my socks off when he took himself to the potty that first time and continued to amaze me at how well he (mostly) went on his own. I'm hoping this is a sign of super simple potty training. I'm also prepared for this to be a fluke and tomorrow to be a complete disaster. We'll see!

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