Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tonight I spent a half hour playing hide & seek with Ben. He would "count" with Nick while I hid. He actually did sort of count along, not the actual numbers but he'd make the same noise in rhythm with Nick's counting and knew when time was up.
hiding under the blanket "counting" with daddy

Then he'd come seek me out. My hiding places were easy - behind the door in his room, on the other side of his crib or dresser, behind the kitchen island, crouched behind one of the couches, etc. But he'd get a big kick out of searching for me, calling "mama" as he looked in the place where he found me last.

finding me behind his door

Then he'd find me, get way excited and immediately start "counting" again. Silly kid. Who knew hide & seek could be so much fun? :)

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