Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Taking a moment to brag about how my kid knocks our socks off with how smart he is.

Last night (well, early this morning - around 4:00), Ben woke up and couldn't be settled back down. After the 4th or 5th trip into his room to tell him it was night-night time and to go back to sleep I finally asked him "what's wrong? is there something you need?" and he actually answered me with "cracker" - so I asked if he was thirsty (because I wasn't bringing him a cracker to his crib at 4:00 in the morning) and he signed for water. So in came the sippy (and a diaper change when I discovered he'd also poo'd - who poo's at 4:00 am??) and back to sleep he went.

Today at Little Gym, we were nearing the end of the class when another mom left the room and then came back in. Instantly, Ben wanted out that door - I assumed it was because he'd seen some one else leave so I told him no. Finally he signed for water and said "wa wa" (melted my heart, he doesn't verbalize many of the signs he knows), so out to the lobby we got to retrieve his sippy and a happy camper he was.

After nap he surprised the heck out of me by randomly singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (I guess it's not that random - I have a star lantern deal hanging over his changing table and I often point to it and then sing that song). Now, he didn't get the words correct (or even like, in English, ha ha) but he sang the tune. Later he wandered around the kitchen sort of singing along to the ABC's with Nick.

There's this great little story by Eric Carle called From Head To Toe that Ben likes to do with Nick. Just now in the living room, Nick asked Ben "what does a gorilla do? can you be a gorilla? can you thump your chest?" Ben just sort of stared at him and then raced off to his room. Next thing I know, he's got that book pulled off the shelf, the story opened to the page with the gorilla and he's standing there, thumping his chest.

I hope this doesn't feel like bragging (though I suppose it is in a way) or me posturing that my kid is soooooo smart - mostly I'm just continually surprised by how much he understands and I'm tickled pink by how much he's able to communicate back with me.

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