Friday, September 2, 2011


Dear Ben,

Living with you in a roughly 12x12 room 24 hours a day for 11+ days has been an experience. We're used to more space. We're used to running around, exploring, going out side, using the potty like a big boy. We're used to our own spaces but still lots of snuggle time.

I will miss crawling in to bed after you and kissing your beautiful sleeping cheek.
I will not miss hugging the edge of a king size bed to accommodate your sprawl or waking up at 5:45 every morning to you wallowing on my head.

I will miss seeing how excited you get to ride the elevator.
I will not miss having to ride an elevator. ;)

I will miss how excited you'd get when we'd drop a postcard in the mail chute on our floor and watch it disappear under the carpet, and how cutely you asked for "more" to mail.
I will sort of miss having a cool mail chute to drop mail in.

I will miss how excited you'd get to go to the pool and how you loved it when daddy would toss you in the air.
No alternate to this one - we'll have to join the Y or something when we get home so we can have plenty of pool play.

I will miss how much you love to go through the revolving doors.
I will NOT miss having to do a revolving door for nearly every business we go into.

We've had our ups and down. Night time has been a battle for the last week. It seems every night it takes roughly an hour to get you down for bed. Nap times are a piece of cake, 5 minutes max. You've been very patient with the stroller. That patience is wearing off as you'd like to be in it less, but generally once you're in it - you're good to go. I loved watching you explore the fish at the aquarium. I sure wish Boise had one.

I love watching you charm every one we meet - especially the older "grandma" types. :) You are a huge flirt and you know it.

I'm glad we took this trip (even though I've been ready to be home for about a week now - and so have you). It shows me how well you travel, how well you adapt and how long is too long (and more than 7 or so days is too long).


  1. Once you're ready to travel again, you should make it to Seattle. I hear there's an awesome aquarium there. ;)

  2. @Jamie - we keep trying so hard to make it to Seattle. one thing or another keeps interrupting. silly life. but yes, way awesome aquarium. WAY better than this one, actually.