Friday, December 30, 2011


Hey, guess what? I'm having another baby! It hasn't all quite sunk in yet, even though I've known almost since the beginning. It feels like forever ago that I took that little bitty test and got those two little bitty lines that said "YES! BUN IN THE OVEN!" but at the same time, it doesn't quite feel "real" yet.

{11.11.11 - my lucky day}

I started having my morning sickness about 2 weeks after I found out. And man oh man, has it been brutal. My first pregnancy was a walk in the park compared to this one so far. It's not so much the vomiting (which is incredibly awesome, let me tell you), it's the non stop feeling like crud all day long. It seems I'm sick in the morning and then I can't quite seem to shake that crappy feeling all day. I'm getting nothing done. My kitchen looks like something out of hoarders half the time, there are toys all over the house, the laundry is backed up, it's bad. I just don't have the energy to get anything done.

I'm hoping this feeling passes soon. With Ben, it seems like I was sick just barely into the 2nd trimester, so I'm hoping that's also the case with this one. No inklings one way or the other as to gender. I don't seem to be craving anything the same - with Ben all I wanted was $1 cheeseburgers from McDonalds, fountain Cokes, non-stop Mexican food and chocolate milk at night (although, all other chocolate and sweets were grody to me). This time, I'm not into meat at all - I made meatloaf for dinner last night and had a bite. Chocolate milk (milk at all - not even on cereal) is grossing me out. I can't stand scrambled eggs. I'm digging saltines with peanut butter, tea and water. Those are about the only things I'm "craving". Well, I've had several intense cravings for watermelon but it's out of season... Mostly it seems all food is turning me off.

I'm feeling blah body image wise as well. I'm about 20 pounds lighter now than I was when I was carrying Ben (and I've only gained 1 pound so far in this journey) but already I feel frumpy and gross and my clothes aren't fitting right. I'm not quite at the stage where I need to bust out the prego pants (though I have indulged in a few maternity shirts simply for comfort around the house) but my non-prego clothes just feel uncomfortable.

No names on the horizon, either. We had only two names picked when we were expecting Ben: Benjamin Owen and Olivia Camille. Clearly we used our boy name on Ben and we've since eliminated Olivia as it's like #1 or #2 on the most popular list. There are a few girls names we like but nothing for boys yet. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what we're having. And no preference, either. I won't lie and say I wouldn't be absolutely thrilled with a girl (the pink, the hair bows, the tights and cute shoes) but we'd be delighted with a boy, too. Besides, I saved a TON of Ben's old things so we wouldn't need hardly anything for a boy (well, I planned ahead and tried to buy things we could reuse, in anticipation of another baby, so we wouldn't have to buy that much other for a girl, either).

{I can take no credit for the creativity of this photo. I found my inspiration here - I considered this one as well}

Here's how we announced it on Facebook. Poor Ben, I didn't realize I had set him in the time out chair for pictures (it's near the window so super good light) so if it looks like he's crying in the 1st picture - it's because he was. We bribed him with a sucker and Caillou to get the rest of the pictures.

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