Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We didn't get Santa pictures with Ben the first year he was born - he was born the week before Christmas and it never occurred to me to take him in. Last year, I saw several newborns with Santa and they were precious - Santa laid back with baby on his chest so it looked like they were both taking a much needed nap. I believe those would have been the most peaceful photos with Santa to date.

Last year, Ben was pretty clueless about Christmas. He liked Santa just fine, he was totally cool with sitting on his knee until he realized that mama & daddy were not right there with him. Then he lost it. Absolutely lost it. This remains one of my more favorite photos ever. The sheer misery on Ben's face coupled with the delight on Santa's is pure comedy:


This year, I honestly didn't expect much different. Part of me had hope,but... :) We got there on Sunday, somewhat early (I think around 10:30). My thought was we could do Santa while most every one was at church. It was a great plan, except Santa didn't come until 12:00 on Sunday's (probably because he was at church). So we wandered the mall, went to have lunch and then came back. The line was huge. Wrapped all the way around. We figured, what the heck. Ben's not ready for a nap yet, we're here, let's wait. We waited an hour. Ben did so great. He waited really patiently. Santa showed up at noon, walked around the line, saying hi to every one. Ben froze a little. Was interested, but didn't want to get to close. Then Santa sat down and they opened the gates for friends to visit. We moved up in line. Ben kept pointing and yelling "hi Santa!" and saying to me or Nick "Santa hug?"

Then it was our turn.

The steps got slower.

The steps stopped all together.

The crying started before we even put him on Santa's lap.

Now here's where I stop and wonder "I am terrible for making him take photos with Santa when he's so clearly distressed?"

And then I look at this picture and giggle:


I don't think he's scarred, though. He talks about Santa all the time. The other night I was out with friends and apparently he grabbed his shoes and told Nick "go. Santa." and he asks to give Santa a hug all the time. Now, were we to actually put that to the test... I think we'd get the same results. I wonder what next years photos will look like?

The side by side, though, is hilarious. They're almost identical:

Sharing my Santa photos today because Little Miss Momma did :)

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