Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well this year we did something I haven't done since 1998. We traveled away from home for Christmas. My dad decided he was going to Portland to visit his parents and invited us and my brother's family along as well. We decided we'd go, my brother & his family stayed here to be with my grandma.

We had a nice time - we stayed with my aunt & her family and my dad stayed with his parents. We all got together on Sunday for Christmas dinner and a small gift exchange for the kids. Ben was quite smitten with my cousin Will's baby Mariah. She's about 3 months old and is super cute. Ben loved to give her lots & lots of kisses.

Although I brought my camera.... not one single photo was taken. Not one. Oops. I never even got it out of the bag.

Monday morning we packed up and headed home. Tuesday morning Ben woke up to discover Santa had made a special trip with his Christmas presents since we weren't here. Santa brought him a Thomas Train table, grandpa & Lisa got him a lot of tracks & mama & daddy got him extra tracks, some trains, cars, PJ's (he opened the bag, said "jamas!" and that was it). Aunt Susan got him some books, some new Cookie Monster jams, a Thomas bath toy and a Little People garage. :) It was a good Christmas indeed.

{here mama, have a present to the face}

Now we have to gear up to get our crud down by the 1st. Usually I'm raring to take it down the day after but this was a weird holiday this year. As long as it's down by the 1st, I'll be good. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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