Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Musings.

Random thoughts. No necessary order or importance.

  • my child has been having insomnia the last few nights. wide awake and ready to jabber the rest of the night away from about 2:30 on. yuck. no trick i've tried yet works to get him back to sleep.
  • flying solo most of this week and most of next. nick is off to san jose to work with a client.
  • broke out the narrated book my mom made for ben last christmas tonight. twas the night before christmas, as read by my mom. surprisingly, i didn't cry.
  • been thinking a lot about jacyee dugard's story. read her memoir this week and i can't stop comparing her life to mine - she's only a year older than me. i've been writing a blog post about it in my head since i finished the book. wonder if i'll ever type it up.
  • i'm behind on my christmas shopping. i started out early for once but ran out of steam. got some wrapping done today in any case.
  • christmas cards are almost all done and almost all out in the mail. nick's gotta write a blurb to his relations overseas and then those will go out as well. have only received one card so far. bah humbug. i hope they start trickling in soon!
  • been a bit of a flake on my mama's group this last month. sorry ladies. i'll get back into the swing of things after the new year.
  • barnes and noble sent ben a coupon for a complimentary cupcake or cookie in celebration of his birthday. i think we'll cash that in tomorrow. :)

well i guess that's all folks. i've fallen behind on blogging. life gets in the way of the things i want to do. :)

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