Monday, January 16, 2012


Since New Years, we've been working really hard with Ben to start getting rid of using his pacifier. Right now, we're concentrating on just using it for naps and night time. Slowly we'll transition to only night time and the goal is to be completely rid of it for at least a month (if not two) before the new baby comes. Side note: at this point, our plan is to not introduce new baby to a pacifier.

It's been a hard road, these last 3 weeks. Ben has really wanted it and the first few days were super rough. He spent several of those days crying lots for it. As time progresses, he's getting better. There are still parts where he wants it and will ask for it but we haven't had a crying fit for the binky in awhile, which is fantastic.

Today, I am so proud of my little boy. He's been having some tummy troubles the last few days and developed a yucky rash on his bum this afternoon. I was in such a rush to get him changed and cleaned up and then my own self cleaned up after his nap, I forgot to have him put the binky away after nap. I got distracted doing things in the kitchen and then went in to play with Ben when I realized he still had it.

I thought "oh man.... oh man, here is comes" as I said "Benny, do you know what mommy forgot to do?" and he looked at me like "uhh... what?" and I told him "I forgot to put your binky away" - and do you know what this kid did? Do ya? That kid of mine took that binky right out of his mouth and handed it to me.

No muss.

No fuss.

No meltdown or tantrum.

Just "okay mom, here ya go"

and that was that. :)

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