Saturday, January 7, 2012


Randoms that are too short for their own post and too long for a Facebook update. :)

^^ Ben discovered with one of his sippies, that if he flicks the straw - milk goes every where. He did this for a solid 10 minutes in the car, giggling like a loon the whole time. He was quite a mess.

He no longer calls me "mama". I'm "mommy" almost all of the time. I'm not sure where that came from, but I've decided I don't mind.

I've been meaning to get this down in writing, even though it's months old. In November Ben finally started to say "milk" instead of only signing it. I was cooking dinner and it required some milk - he saw it in the measuring cup and freaked out. Milk! Milk! Milk! He screeched at me, until I found his cup and refilled it. There's been no going back. In fact, he doesn't even sign it anymore. He'll still sign for please (while he says it) and for more (again, while he says it), but nearly all the other signs have stopped.

^^ Ben makes me laugh all the time, by spraying milk all over his face or digging into his outgrown clothes bin, draping some pajama pants around his shoulders and walking around. Silly kid.

It's started to hit me that we're having another baby. I've been quietly lusting over a minivan and part of this appalls me. My friend Stacy said it best - I'm not ready to accept that I'm minivan eligible yet. While she certainly has more need for a minivan than I (3 kiddos and another on the way), I can sure see the appeal of one. They're certainly roomy, have a lot of features that would be useful to have and make traveling so much easier. On the other hand. Ugh. A minivan. Blech.

I still have no feelings one way or the other as to what gender this baby will be. I find myself referring to it as a "he" but I think that's because I already have a he. :) In all my planning though, I keep looking towards girl items. I can tell you that this pregnancy is quite different than my first but I have no idea if that's any indication of gender.

^^ Making good on some of my goals for 2012: we took Ben to the Botanical Gardens last night. They do a yearly event called Winter Garden aGlow. I've been waiting for snow - several people mentioned to me that it's really much more beautiful in the snow but.... this is the last weekend it's on and there's no sign of snow yet. Ben really liked all the "peety yights" (pretty lights) but apparently thought we were at the zoo and kept asking for the zebra's & monkeys.

Earlier in the week, Nick & I were able to sneak away for a date night. My friend Kelsey had tickets for Cirque de Soliel's Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour that she wasn't able to use, so she offered them up on Facebook. We had a really good time, the performers were amazing (I especially like the trapeze artists) and one in particular blew both Nick & I away: he only has one leg. So amazing.

I'm still trying to find a cheap and not completely hideous dresser for our room. I'd love to have a dresser. I'd love to finish my room and not have it look like the massive crap dumping ground that it's become.

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I blog and my blog audience. First & foremost, I blog for me. This is my little journal, where I note down things that I don't want to forget. Secondly, I blog for family. Not all of our family is local and I don't see our local family every day. This is a great place for me to update every one at once about what's going on in our (mainly Ben's) life. Thirdly, I blog for you. :) I share my trials and tribulations so you can relate, commiserate and offer advise or say "oh, that's what I should try". I share my recipes so you can try them out. I show you projects I've stolen from some one else. What about my blog audience? Well, most of it is family & friends and few blog friends I've made along the way. I've been considering making my blog private... maybe once we come up with a new blog title (since the We Three Beesley's isn't relevant anymore), I'll make it private. We'll see.

So that's it. Some random thoughts condensed into one post. Happy weekend!

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  1. My blog started as an escape for myself. Then when the first kid came it was for my family who couldn't figure out how to open an email attachment. Now it's mostly a place for way too many pictures that all of FB doesn't want to see! I don't advertise it (I'm shy about it)so not many people know it exists so it remains pretty private. You could do that once you change the name...just an idea!