Thursday, March 22, 2012


(ooo two posts in one day. the post from earlier was actually one I started last night and forgot about.)

I hated and loved today.

I hated it because Ben decided to leave his listening ears in yesterday. Today was a constant battle to get him to mind and to listen. For that alone, I'm exhausted.

I hated today because we've had several time outs. A lot more than yesterday. We had a time out at the library because Ben ran away from me and refused to stop when I called him. We had a time out at the park because he hit me when it was time to go. We had several times outs on the way back from the park this evening because he again, turned the opposite direction and ran away. And then lots of hitting Nick because he wouldn't listen.

I loved today because we had a lot of fun, in spite of me having to constantly suggest he rearrange his behavior. We played at the park for an hour. We climbed the play equipment, we went on the swings, we talked to the robot, we played music, he rode on the springy horse, we ran through the fields and had a good time.

I loved today because today is the second day of NO ACCIDENTS in our pants. Ben is getting much better at telling me when he has to pee. He wouldn't poop on the toilet. He had to go, he kept saying he had to poop and would run to the bathroom and then we'd get his pants down and sat down and he'd beg to get off. Le sigh. He ended up pooping about 10 minutes after I put him down for a nap. Oh well. We'll get there. At least he didn't poop in his underwear.

I loved today because we went and flew our kite at the playground by our house.
I loved today because he cheered for the little kids playing football.
I loved today because we played with new friends Isiah and Alex that we bumped in to on our way home. Isiah is the little boy of the mom we met on an earlier walk. Alex is his 4 year old friend who lives across the street. This is the first time I've ever seen Ben actually play with other kids. Usually he does his own thing near other kids. But the played chase and (kind of) tag and it was amazing.

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