Monday, September 20, 2010

9 Months

Our handsome boy is 9 months old!

  • Weight: 18.10lbs (20th percentile)
  • Height: 30 inches (93rd percentile)
  • Head: 45 cm (48th percentile)

He is:
  • Crawling EVERYWHERE
  • Pulling himself up to stand
  • Cruising the couch (a little)
  • Eager to walk (with assistance)
  • Babbling a LOT
  • Potentially working on a cutting his first teeth (big increase in drool recently but who'll peek through when it peeks through)
  • Getting great at self feeding (Cheerio's and toast but I have to limit how much he can reach as he tends to stuff it in his mouth like a chipmunk)
  • He can push himself into a sitting position from laying on his tummy (just started that today)
People remark on:
  • His apparent baldness (I maintain that he is NOT bald - he actually has quite a bit of hair, it's just very light)
  • His cheerfulness (the doctor asked if he ever stopped smiling) and general friendliness
  • How much he either looks like me or his dad (depending on who in the family is commenting)
  • His pretty blue eyes (wonder if they'll stick around?)

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