Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ben's First Trip

This week we went out of town for Ben's first trip. Well, okay. We didn't go out of town FOR his first trip - Nick had to do some work up north and Ben & I went with him, thus resulting in his first trip. Our destination was Orofino, Idaho, which is about a 5-6 hour drive north of here. Ben did so great. On the trip up we stopped about half way for a feed and change and then kept on going. He didn't start to fuss until we were about an hour away so I went and sat in the back with him and kept him calm until we got there.

snuggles with papa at the hotel in Orofino

The next day (Wednesday the 10th), Nick headed out to work and I traveled north to Moscow to see my old house (saw my friend Tiffany's old house, too and found my old dorm room) and to visit with my friend Heidi. We had lunch and drove over to Pullman, WA to look at her new house and then I came back to the hotel for the evening. Thursday I went over to Lewiston, ID to have lunch with my cousins, Julia & Megan and ended up being suprised when their parents (Marshall & Maria) came as well! We had a nice visit and then back to Orofino we went. We left on Friday, going back through Lewiston and over to Clarkston, WA where we had lunch and drove by yet another of my old houses. Before that, though, we stopped at a casino on the way where my aunt & uncle just happened to be visiting so we visited with them as well. Then it was home we went. The drive home was a bit hairy in spots, it started snowing at about New Meadows and didn't let up until after Horseshoe Bend.

We're glad to be back!! It was nice to visit and I realized as I uploaded pix to my Facebook tonight that I have got to get better about sticking the camera in people's face. I have to embrace my inner Anne (Nick's mum) and make sure I get my pictures. I only took one picture of my visits this week - bummer. I made up for some if it tonight - we went over to my brothers to celebrate his birthday (which was on Wednesday). Carin made yummy stew and biscuits and a most delicious cake. Yum. I already had some of my left overs. :-)

Jamie, celebrating his cake his way

It looks like we'll be able to survive on just Nick's check, so I'm going to talk to my boss this week about extending my maternity leave and using the other 2 months that FMLA says I get to have for maternity leave. This means I won't be back to work til May 1st - hooray! More time to spend with my baby! It'll be really hard to go back to work, I'm really enjoying being a stay at home mommy these last two months.

Lots of babies coming up! I have two friends named Tiffany that are due - Boise Tiffany is due really any moment now. I think her official due date is like March 3rd, but I'm hoping for her sake her baby comes earlier. Texas Tiffany (and my friend from the 6th grade - holy smokes!) is due in April. My sister in law, Tara, is expecting her 2nd baby in August.

game time at Boise Tiffany's shower

Well, Ben has his two month appointment on Thursday so I'll post again and let you know how he's doing (perfectly, duh)!

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