Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who the foccia took my bread?

Ahhhh that has nothing to do with my post, but it's funny so there. :-p

In the next coming days, weeks, months, etc I hope you'll start to see more creative and project driven posts from the Beesley's. I read a lot of creative like blogs and I get so inspired to do stuff - and some times I do....I should have posted photos of the Valentine's cards I made (I LOVE making cards)...but more often than not, my ideas are just left to stew.

First project - our master bedroom. Our room looks like a teenage kids room, but with nicer furniture. We bought our set from Craigslist when we moved here - we didn't previously own bedroom furniture as it wouldn't fit in our joke of a room in Washington. Random side note - I always laugh at people on House Hunters that complain about how small a room is or that the master closet isn't a walk thankful you HAVE a closet or have a room that isn't so small you can almost touch both sides at once. Anyway, while the furniture is nice it's not really us. Our room has no theme, no order, it's just a bunch of random stuff shoved in. It's recently become our office as Ben is now residing in our office and I don't want to turn the guest room into an office. So. I have a plan.

My friend Jamie posted a link to a bed she's thinking of making. Making a bed you say? Not as in, pulling up the covers and smoothing sheets? No, no. Actually crafting a head and footboard. I looked at the link and fell in love. So. *insert grin here* I sent the link off to Nick and said he should set about making it. It looks fairly simple - the instructions are easy to read. It'll give him something creative and crafty to do that he would enjoy (he likes woodworking) that's not home work or school work or work work or kid work or wife work. Well. Okay. It's mostly wife work but it's wife work away from the wife. It'll probably time him awhile to do as he doesn't have a ton of free time, but that's okay. I don't mind waiting. We're also going to paint. A nice fresh coat of white on most of the walls and a pretty sort of Hampton-y beachy blue on the wall with the bed.

So that's my in of doors project. I also want to spend some time out of doors this spring and do stuff with our yard. Create a little veggie garden area and a composty area and a play area for Ben when he gets a bit bigger. So much of our yard is just wasted space. So, this year we fix that. We do more things that are close to home and less things away from home. It'll be nice to host BBQ's and stuff over at our house (I've been dying to host a luau type party where you're required to wear a Hawaiian shirt) and spend less money away from home.

Oh and to keep myself honest - here's a gorgeous "before" shot of our room. It really does look like this like 90% of the time (minus the laundry basket on the bed...I used to make our bed every day but now I get up with Ben before Nick does and he forgets):

Two posts in two days. Lucky you.

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