Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update Schmupdate

Interesting doings at the Beesley's this house week. Well, okay, really just the last 2 or 3 days. On Thursday Ben had his 2 month appointment. He's doing well - he'd grown to 25 inches (up from 21 at birth) and he weighs almost 12 pounds, 11.75. Doctor is really pleased with his growth gave us home work - help him improve his tracking and head stability. That almost sounds like he wasn't doing well and needs improvement and that's not how it was at all. Just the next mile stones. She says at this point in development, he sees almost as well as we do and we can help strengthen his eyes by using rattles and other toys to move back and forth so he can practice tracking. Thursday he also got his first round of shots. Oh boy. Oooooooohhhhh boy. That wasn't any fun at all. He cried. And cried. And then was an unhappy little boy for the rest of the day. If he wasn't asleep (and he slept - a LOT), he was fussing. As a result, he was up most of Thursday night since he slept so much that day. Nick and I were fairly tired Friday. And Friday, Ben had his first stay away from mama and papa. We went to see Shutter Island (soooooo good) and left Ben with nana and grandpa. he was fine. I cried. Nick was concerned and for a minute there, I thought he was going to stop the car. I don't know why I cried - I've left him before (I guess the difference is that I always left him with Nick...not sure why I'd feel differently but I did) but this time was hard to just like, walk away from him. He did fine and we enjoyed the movie.

We went to go buy a camcorder yesterday. I've been wanting one forever and with our tax return money we can afford to get one so, off to find one we went. We first went to Costco and they only had one left, and it was the display model. We talked ourselves out of getting that one. We went to Best Buy, found the one we wanted and waited....and waited....looked around, and waited some more. Found the guy working in the camera department and he left every time we made eye contact and started to speak. So we left. I'll not go to Best Buy again. Ben's starting to get more active and playful and he's cooing (actually, he "hoos" like an owl) and I want to capture some of this stuff. So we'll keep trying. I wish our fancy still camera that Nick paid a small fortune for took video, but alas it does not and I should quit whining about it. Should. :-p

Next week is my mom's birthday and she's requested strawberry shortcake for her dessert. I found a fairly yummy looking recipe online and I'm going to try my hand at it. I have the store as back up if it's disgusting. :-) Hopefully it won't be!

So that's it. I thought I had more, which is why I blogged instead of posted this as a really long status update on FB but I guess I don't have any more. Wondering when the other half of the Florida Beesley's might make it up here to visit with Ben, before Tara gets too far along to fly. I hope it's soon!

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