Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, I did it.

I quit my job.

It really wasn't that hard. I agonized over it for two days. I created all sorts of scenarios in my head where I ended up running out of the office in tears.

Reality is often far less dramatic than my imagination. Thank goodness.

They were pretty much expecting it. Amy & Brenda knew before I left on leave that I wasn't coming back. I didn't know, but they knew. :-) And they all fully support it. And they've like answered all my secret dreams by offering to allow me some part time work when I'm ready for it. I can work from home, I can come in every other day, a few hours a week, whatever works for me. So that's FANTASTIC.

The best part is that I feel great. I feel like this gigantic weight has been lifted from my shoulders. That tells me I made the right choice for us. I hope we can make it work. Nick thinks we can, so I'm all for giving it a go. For me, the best choice for my son is his mother and he simply can't get that if I go to work. If I can give that to him, I absolutely should. So there's no harm in trying. If in a few months it turns out that we just can't survive comfortably on one income, then we'll figure something out. And thankfully, Greg has offered me a solution to that "what if" problem.


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