Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little League FEVER.

THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The power of my blue shirt reigns on!!!

Just in case I have a random follower on my blog that doesn't otherwise know - my nephew plays on a Little League team here (that my brother also coaches) that won their state championship back at the end of July and has been playing down in San Bernardino, CA the last week for regional champs. They've won all but one game and are slated to play the winner of the Washington vs Montana game that's going on right now (that I'm also watching, just to check out our potential competition - our boys have already beat Montana but have yet to play Washington who is presently undefeated).

So thus my Little League FEVER! I'm SO excited for these boys and all they've accomplished - I know they play as a team, but it's so exciting for Jamie & Connor to finally have a winning team. There were some pretty lean years there where they didn't get hardly any wins. This has got to feel just FANTASTIC for them. I know I'M incredibly excited - every time I saw Connor on the TV I wanted to cry.

Sooooooo we're going! We're going down to San B on Saturday to watch them play either Washington or Montana (and from the looks of this game, we can TOTALLY take either of those teams). If they win on Saturday, they're off to Pennsylvania to play in the World Series!!!!!

This is the most exciting thing EVER! I'm so proud of my nephew and my brother and all the rest of the boys and their families - it's such a big deal!!!

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  1. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!! WAY TO GO CONNOR!! Have so much fun in CA!!!