Thursday, August 12, 2010


{12/21/2011: This was originally posted on a blog I started just for Ben. I no longer keep up with that blog, so I'm moving them all over to this one}

Not a super exciting day, as far as Ben news goes, today. We had the Little Gym today which papa didn't get to go to (he stayed home from work the day before to listen to Connor's baseball game so had to go into the office today). He did a lot of standing on his own (not completely by himself - he was balancing on what they call a "trap" at the Little Gym - just a raised platform thingie), did a forward roll, some walking on the balance beam and a bit of work on the bar. He played with the balls and crawled after bubbles.

This afternoon we headed over to Nana A's again to WATCH Connor's team on ESPN!! It was such an exciting day! Of course, Ben was completely oblivious to the excitement - except when we got really excited and cheered loudly. Then he looked a little concerned but then realized we were happy and started clapping. He is a constant joy, I tell you. Turns out, Connor's team did an amazing job and won their game! They play in the regional finals on Saturday against Washington - and Ben is taking his very first plane ride trip to California to be there to support in person!

I'm so very excited but I'm also really nervous. We're flying Southwest and apparently I'll have to prove he's not 2 years old by supplying a birth certificate. We've never needed his birth certificate so I don't actually have it (I've been meaning to order it, but you know...I haven't needed it, so it gets pushed to the bottom of my to do list). As far as I can tell, the only thing I can do is mail a request in for a copy and wait 2-3 weeks to get it.....I'm going to call the courthouse tomorrow and see if there's by chance anything else we can do. If not, I'll just take what I have. I received information from the Vital Statistics office after he was born, showing information from his birth certificate and I hope that will be enough. Otherwise, I don't know what we'll do. I guess the Beesley branch of the family won't go...which will be a completely disappointing and expensive lesson learned.

So that's the news! No new tricks today, not too much floor time with the Little Gym, sporadic napping and not being at home much. I'm making a list of things to remember to bring on the plane and hope that my baby is an excellent flyer. I really hope he's not one that screams his head off the whole time....

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