Monday, September 13, 2010


sick little boy, loading up on some vitamin C

Well we avoided it for (almost) 9 months but it happened anyway. My poor sweet boy is sick. He's got a cough and a runny nose and a fever and an EAR INFECTION. It started out Sunday morning, he woke up with a slight cough and a bit of a stuffy nose. By the time we got over to my parents house for football, he was feverish. He slept fitfully last night, he wanted to be held but that rocking chair just isn't comfortable for very long, so we took turns holding him a few times through out the night. I elevated one end of the mattress by putting blankets under and he seemed to sleep a little better after that. We never really could get his fever down so I decided to call and see if they could fit him in today. Of course, by the time we got there the Motrin I had given him this afternoon had brought his temp down from 100.6 to 98.8. His lungs sounded fine and his left ear looked fine. She stuck the little tool in his right ear and he immediately burst into tears. :( Poor guy.

He's supposed to have his 9 month check up on Thursday but if he's sick he can't have his "well baby" check up because he isn' know...WELL. We got a slight preview of his weight - he's still a skinny guy at 18.something pounds (I didn't catch the ounces) so he's only gained about a pound in 3 months. Since it wasn't a well baby check up they didn't do any of the other fun stuff like height or head circumference (which I already know he has a freaking gigantic head).

Other than being sick, he's in a pretty dang cheerful mood still. He wants to crawl around and play and boy is he ready to walk. He's started cruising around the couch a bit (he can't stand up using the couch just yet - it's still a little on the tall side for him to reach) but once he's up, he's off. He wants to walk - he just needs to get the stability. He'll be off and running before I know it!

So that's a mini-Ben update for you. Hopefully he's feeling better by Friday - my cousin is getting married in Lewiston on Saturday and we were going to drive up on Friday for the event. We'll see!!!

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  1. Poor monkey! I hope he feels MUCH better today!