Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My name is Sarah, and I'm a blogaholic.


I think I might need an intervention.

Every week (generously) I find a new blog that I giant puffy heart and I have to follow, lust over, drool over and wish I could copy down to the last exclamation point. Hey, we all have a thing. Some people watch internet movies (not met...if you ask me if I've seen something, chances are I haven't. I didn't even know about that "hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife" guy FOREVER til Nick forced me to watch it), some people read the news...I'm a blog follower. I follow probably close to 20 blogs religiously and I read through countless more randomly through the day (ahhh StumbleUpon.....)

Case in point....New England Though Yummy Mom's Eyes. More specifically, her Operation Simplify & Purge Project. Doing it. Absolutely, positively DOING it. In fact, I'm signing off my blog now and going to clean out my bathroom. Wonder how much crap I'll throw away?

*Update: did it. Started in the bathroom - cleaned three drawers and our linen closet. I didn't count how many items I tossed (like she did) but it was probably close to 100 when it was all said and done (I filled the whole garbage can plus I shoved more stuff in an empty plastic wrapper from a giant thing of TP from Costco) :-)

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