Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recipe Binder.

Recently I was introduced to a new blog by my friend Jamie via FB. The Dating Diva's website - it's just date ideas and other things along that theme for keeping your marriage fresh and romantic. They had a post not too long about about making a binder to store your dating ideas in which I thought looked so cute. I took that idea and spun it off into my own version for a present for my friend Susan who has recently moved into her very first apartment.

Here was my inspiration:

(original post can be found here)

Anyway, from that I took my inspiration. Following all the steps and only changing things like the color of the pages and what I chose to write on the tags, I made a cook book for Susan in a patriotic theme (since she's doing Americana decor at her apartment). I wrote up and printed out about 10 or so recipes that are tried and true and stuck them in under the categories of "sides, main dishes and desserts". I created space for her to tuck in recipes she wants to try and there's plenty of room to add in her own favorites as she tries more out.

Here's my version (my pictures didn't come out as nice as the Dating Divas one did):

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  1. And honestly, this was one of the COOLEST gifts I've ever received. It was so thoughtful and creative. I adore it! I cooked my first recipe out of it last night. Thank you so much! LOVE!