Monday, February 21, 2011

14 Months.

Rearranging the dining room chairs - I think he'd move the table if he was strong enough! :)

Holy cow. I can't believe I'm writing about the things he's been up to now that he's 14 months old. We attended a 1st birthday party this weekend and it just really reminded me how fast it all goes. Ben's 1st birthday was only 2 months ago but it feels like forever ago. He's a completely different kid now than he was just 2 months ago. Makes me wonder what big changes we'll see in another 2 months...

He's still slow on the teeth department but he's up to 3 now. Both top teeth have come through (his big ol' chompers make my heart hurt) and he's still got that one lonely tooth on the bottom. He's been gnawing on his fingers and really anything he can find, so I think some more on the top are coming through. Stupid question coming: when do I take him to the dentist? Now? Later? I should look that up...

Telling papa it's time to get up!

He's picked up some more words. Last time I think I said he didn't say "cat" any more - well that's back and probably one of his favorites. He loves our cats (I wish they loved him the way he loves them!!!) and says "tat" now for cat. He's very deliberate on his "t" and it's super cute. He says "sacks" for "socks" and "shoes". I wasn't very interested in his shoes when we first got them but now he loves them. He'll go get them and place them on top of his feet now and wait for me to put them on. Then he just wanders all over the house with 'em on. Super cute.

He loves to go out (which he some times also says "ow-it"). we walk out several times a day to the oh so fabulous trash can to throw away diapers or out to the mailbox. The few nice days we've had, we've taken him out to either walk or play. He's ALL about walking now. He still does crawl but for the most part his mode of transportation is his own two feet. Which produces a challenge at the grocery store. When he's tired of sitting.

Cruising around Settler's Park

Signing is still going good. I can't get him to speak any of the words that he knows to sign so I don't know if that will be a challenge later or not. He's created his own sign for "more please" - he doesn't do "more" quite right, he usually just takes one pointed finger and touches it over and over to his other flat hand but recently he's been combining that motion with please and does a pointed finger to his chest in a circle motion for "more please". Another one of those that makes my heart hurt.

I'm thinking we're going to need to revisit some sleep training at night. I want to give it a bit more time, as he's been sick, but for the last month or so, he's been waking and needing help going back to sleep. I do blame it on being sick - first we all had a little flu bug virus thingie and then right after that he & I got colds (his came with an ear infection). I miss what it's like to have a full night of sleep.

He looks sad because I left to get the camera - I couldn't resist a picture of him half undressed! :)

This last month Nick's had to go into the office like a regular person and be there all day, 5 days a week. I miss having him around (he doesn't get to go to Little Gym with us any more either and that is NO FUN) and so does Ben, but I think Nick's the one that feels it the most. Since it's just the two of us for most of the day (and school nights especially suck, it's like we don't see him at all - I try not to complain because I know there are others that have it much worse and I am thankful for the time we do get to spend together and I know school is almost over YAY!), I am Ben's number 1 bud. Which I don't mind.... :)

Snow play!

So there you have it. The happenings of Ben at 14 months. :)

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  1. what a cutie. Cooper is 13 months and isn't walking yet. He's getting there, but so far he just isn't motivated.