Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have a fever and the cure in this case is not more cowbell. I have cabin fever. More accurately, BEN has cabin fever. He, of course, can't tell me, but I'm fairly certain he's bored of being cooped up inside all day. The only activity we do out of the house is Little Gym on Wednesdays. Other than that, we mostly just play inside unless I have chores to do or errands to run that take us out of the house -but even that isn't PLAYING.

The weather is starting to warm up a little, and I know as soon as it does we'll start taking daily walks and rides in his wagon, going down to the park to play on the swings and the slides and climb and all that fun stuff. But in the mean time - WE. ARE. GOING. NUTS.

Today I tried to let him play with crayons and paper. He scribbled a little, but mostly wanted to eat the crayons and I got tired of telling him they were not for his mouth and put that away. I made him some playdough and that didn't interest him one bit. What did interest him was climbing up my leg and whining at me, which (surprisingly, I know) did NOT interest me.

I've emailed my brother & sister-in-law to see if Emma can come over once a week after kindergarden lets out to play with him for a few hours (Emma & Ben get on like white on rice) and if we're able to do that, that'll help. If she isn't able to come over, well, that's okay but.... I know I have a lot of stay at home mom friends or mom's that only work part time, okay even my full time working parent friends: what the crap do you DO to keep your babies entertained???? For free, I should add. For free. There are loads of indoor play places here but I'm not interested in paying to let him play.

Help a mama out.

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