Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Some Ben wackiness du jour:
  1. Peeing on the floor and then stepping in it. That's right, folks. I sent my naked child off towards the bath, he stopped to pee and then thought it would be fun to play in it. Mama disagreed. Loudly.
  2. Discovering his face reflected in the overflow drain in the tub. And then staring at himself. Admiring himself. Then he kissed himself.
  3. Finding that the toothbrush tickles. :)
  4. Backwards crawling. Everywhere.
  5. Forts in the living room - kinda fun!
  6. Digging through the picture box and looking at a picture of my mom and saying "nana" over and over - just about broke my heart. :( I think he misses her.
  7. Giving hugs to new friends at Little Gym.
  8. Stuffing handfuls of food into the catcher part of his bib and then giving the sign for "all done" - stinker.

1 comment:

  1. I love this post! Minus the playing in the's fun to see updates on what he's doing. I loved that he kissed himself in the drain! :) <3