Friday, February 25, 2011

Keeping It Real

Miranda over at Just Drink a Coke is hosting a link party where we show off our real messes. I thought it would be fun to join in. :)

Here's my mess:

This is what my kitchen/dining room looks like most of the day. I do clean it but that dang island is just a magnet for clutter. So what's going on in this picture?
  • Well, the purple sheet over the chairs to the right of the picture isn't normally there. I made a fort for Ben. He didn't care about it.
  • The hutch is pretty tidy, except for the birthday present that I need to wrap for tomorrow's party.
  • Island = general clutter. There's an empty milk jug that I rinsed out for Nick to put his used motor oil in, a case of Coke, the baby monitor, a huge stack of magazines (from this morning, I was trying to find my coupon for $10 off at the Amazon Baby Store), Ben's high chair tray, and the dish that usually sits on top of the dining room table (moved for the aforementioned fort), Sadie's food & water so Ben doesn't play in it, an empty coffee cup and my phone
  • Rest of the counters - I've got a pile of dirty dishes going in the sink, dinner in the crock pot, lunch stuff on the counter next to my computer along with my notebook, a magazine, bills, etc.
  • Not to mention the random crap Ben finds to play with and then leaves on the floor. And the tiny culprit himself.
It looks pretty awful but it takes about 5 minutes to clean up. And even less time than that to get it looking just the same again. :)


  1. Mine looks pretty much the same. But I'm not playing along because my husband would have a heart attack if I let everyone see a picture of our house when it's cluttered. Heaven forbid anyone think we're actually normal or anything. :P

  2. Thank you so much for linking this picture in my Reality Collection. You're keeping it real, and it's a beautiful mess, don't ya say? It just wouldn't be real life without it! :)