Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, we've been at my parents house since last week. They've on some fabulous vacation back east and we stayed over at their house to watch the dogs. While I don't necessarily mind their house - it's comfortable, they have TV, food, internet, etc - it's not MY house. It's not my comfort, my TV, my food, my internet, my etc. I'm glad to be home. They get in tonight fairly late but will be walking into a beautifully clean house.

My mom's been feeling under the weather lately - having some health issues that she's working on fixing, but are leaving her without much energy. She asked that if I clean her house while she was gone, she'd give me $50. Mom. If you're reading this (which i highly doubt) I cleaned WAY more than $50 worth. I scrubbed that house top to bottom. Vacuumed every room. Dusted every room - even the tops of the door/window frames and the lights - scrubbed every room. Did laundry. Put fresh linens on their bed. Mopped the floors. Cleaned inside the microwave. Their house looks migh-t-fine. Now if only some one would come over here and do the same for me! Actually, it's not that bad. No one's been in it for a week, so it stayed pretty good. The office needs some work - since I've started this little business venture (OH it's been a few posts since I mentioned SCENTSY!!!! ha ha) I need the office organized and stuff so I can find what I'm looking for.

I really hope that I have a good turn out for my open house. I'm going to rapidly suck my family dry if I don't find any new customers. I just wish I were a better salesperson. I had a perfect opportunity to get a new customer on the hook when I went in to Banner Bank to open my Scentsy checking account. The gal said she'd heard of it and smelled it, thought it smelled nice but didn't have it. That was my opening. I should have offered her a catalog and told her about my open house. All I said (like a dang idiot) was "oh, I love it. It's so easy to use" uh...der. Of course it's easy to use, you simpleton. It's a freaking candle warmer. Sigh.

I keep having this stupid vision of all my neighbors, banding together and throwing my flyers back at me - yelling at me for putting litter on their door. Or of my HOA to come to me and say that it's against our bylaws to solicit in the neighborhood. I made sure not to leave a flyer on any door that had a "no solicitation" sign.

Anyway, I seem to have gotten WAY off topic. So, I'm back and home and blissful to be here. I had my 2nd appointment with the eye doctor today. He says my whatever it is seems to be healing well and prescribed me an eye drop steroid to take on top of my other stuff I'm doing and he'll see me again on Friday. If everything looks good on Friday, then he'll maybe push out the next appointment. He wants to make sure it all heals properly and doesn't scar. I DON'T WANT IT TO SCAR, EITHER! That sounds frightening!!!!

Well, that's the news Beesley for now. Edit that - that's the news Sarah for now. I only got to see Nick for about 5 minutes yesterday. For those of you that might read this blog more for updates on him than me, he's doing well. He's tired from the schedule - he's at class until 10:30 and then has to get home and settled for bed and then be up getting ready for work by 5:00. It's hard and I do what I can to make it easy for him, but honestly there isn't a lot I can do. The stuff he's doing at school is WAY beyond me. I do help him with his lit stuff. :-)

Okay, really I'm done now. Off to veg on MY couch! YAY!

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