Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well, I did it.

This morning Nick and I got up a little early and headed over to our house (I can't remember if I posted this already but we're staying @ mom & dad's this week while they're out of town). I made these cute little flyers announcing my open house to pass out to my neighbors. I went to Google maps and counted the houses in our neighborhood (our sub-division is on either side of Chateau) and printed out my flyers yesterday. Nick & I decided to hand them out this morning, with the hope that most people would be at church. I was PETRIFIED that some one would "catch" me leaving a flyer on their door....why did I sign up for this again? I'm NOT a salesperson and I'm NOT outgoing. Sigh.

Anyway, we walked around and I taped all my flyers to the doors. Apparently I WAY miscounted, as I only had enough for the houses on my side of Chateau (over 50), so I didn't bother printing more for the other side. I gave Nick reports at each house - they had their door open! I could hear them inside! There was a little boy at the window and I heard him say "mommy, there's a girl at the door!"

As we walked back around, I was surprised by house many flyers were already taken down from the doors. I think a majority were still up, but I really didn't expect that many to already be gone. I hope I get a good turn out at my open house. Thankfully it's just for two hours each day, so I won't be waiting for too long.

I've found a clone recipe for the Starbucks Pumpkin Loaf so I'm going to make that (the recipe I found makes 3 loaves) and I'll have some cookies. I also thought I'd buy a couple flavors of the mini-soda's and some mini-waters. I'm planning on doing a door prize and I'm offering a gift to anyone that books (and hosts) a party. I HOPE I get enough interest to make my sales goal for the first three months. Keeping my fingers crossed!

In other news - my eye is looking and feeling a lot better already. Hopefully the healing process won't end up being as long as the doctor originally anticipated.

well, that's my update for today! Off to watch the Packers game! GO PACK GO!

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