Monday, August 10, 2009

August Schmaugust

Can you believe it's already practically the middle of August? Holy smokes. We have the big ol' exciting appointment TOMORROW!!!! It seems like yesterday we were finding out that we'd have to wait another month to find out the gender of the baby and now it's TOMORROW!!!!! I'm so excited!!! I want to finish up my registry. I have some stuff on there ( but it's pretty generic and boring. We're considering registering at Target, too, but I'm not sure yet what we're going to do. Although it seems like I really do nothing, at the same time it feels like we've been too busy to sit down and talk about stuff.

This weekend we the Boise Beer Fest. We went both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we went with two of Nick's school friends and it was hot, humid and crowded. We got sunburned super bad. Then Sunday we went with my dad and met Jamie & Carin there and were able to score some chairs under one of the beer tents. We also got Nick's car fixed on Saturday. Nick's mom sent some moolah for his graduation and we used it all on car repairs. It's no fun to spend gift money on bills but it really needed to be done. We also picked up the crib this weekend. They called Saturday evening to say it was at the store so we went over Sunday morning and picked it up. That's pretty much all we did this weekend! Felt like we were nonstop busy but we really didn't do that much.

Nick's final days of school are rapidly approaching for this quarter. Last day of the quarter is the 29th and then his graduation ceremony is the 17th of September. We'll do the graduation party on the 18th and then the baby shower on the 19th. Invitations for all things will be out in the mail soonish. :-) Susan's planning on mailing out the shower invitations by the 24th and the graduation ceremony invitations will go out on the 3rd and I think I'll send the graduation party invitations about the same time. September is looking to be a busy month!

So that's my update. Nothing too fabulous YET - tomorrow I'll have way fun news to share!!! :-)

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