Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, I'm past my half way mark on this journey of pregnacy (only 4 months and 4 days - give or take - to go!) and there are some things I've learned.

1) Poptarts are my morning saviour. I wish I had found them sooner.
2) Pregnancy has given me a pretty severe aversion to sweets. I like some still, like Coke and my nightly glass of chocolate milk, but no candy, desserts, ice cream, cookies, etc. It all turns my stomach and I'm actually making an "ick" face just typing it out.
3) No, I don't feel like I'm showing. I wasn't a little girl to start with. I have a belly and I have a small bump going but mostly it feels like the bump is pushing my tummy up and out and I can't hold it in any more. It's not baby - it's 100% me.
4) I was promised bigger boobs. I don't have them. But they hurt, all the time.
5) I don't feel like I'm having crazy pregnancy related hormone mood swings. I do get like mad at Nick, but it's not all the time and I haven't had the weeps. Yet.
6) Lately I've been getting up to use the bathroom at least 3 times a night.
7) I've been experiencing heart burn, which is no fun. and Tums aren't particularly appetizing.
8) I'm not eating anything weird. I'm eating more pickles than I used to, but I've always liked pickles and it wasn't unusual for me to stand over the jar and have 2 or 3 at a time. I just do it a lot more often now.
9) No, I'm not disappointed that we're having a boy. I think I might have been more excited by a girl but I'm in no way disappointed by a boy.
10) I also didn't cry at the ultrasound. It was excitement but not a crying kind of excitement.
11) I AM excited that I've reached this point and I still haven't gained any weight. I lost some initially because I had that day and a half of nonstop vomiting but I haven't gained any of it back. Doctor says she's not worried. The weight will come eventually.

so that's it. I'm sure there's more but I can't seem to think of them. :-)

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  1. Hi Sarah:
    Things sound grand from reading your blog. The heartburn could be caused by the pickles. You sound like you are having a pretty smooth pregnancy - way to go. I'm not going to tell you what, but I bought my first baby boy present today - I am getting very excited about December - it will be like two Christmas's this year.
    Well, it sounds like all three of you are doing great.
    Love Mum.