Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby name

I forgot to mention in my last post - we have a name for him already. We've actually had both our girl and boy names picked out for about 5 years now. We were going to wait until the birth to announce it - you've all heard or experienced those moments when some one announces their planned name and some one has an opinion of why you shouldn't pick that.

In any case, we've settled on Benjamin Owen. Nick and I love both Benjamin and Owen so we decided to smoosh them together. It's like Nicholas - it's common, not unheard of or weird but not every 3rd person is named it. Unlike Sarah. Which every 3rd person IS named. :-) and I've been checking the "most popular names" lists that are everywhere online. Benjamin isn't on it - hooray! We'll call him Ben or Benny but never Benji. Nick's been calling him BOB for his initials.

So there ya go. Two blogs in one day, aren't YOU lucky? :-)

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