Monday, June 18, 2012

2 & 1/2!

a quick baby interruption on Ben's 2 & 1/2 post: I had my regular OB appointment today + an ultrasound to make sure little junior is developing on track since I haven't gained much weight.  According to the ultrasound measurements of today, "little" junior is approximately 9 lbs.  Now, these measurements aren't always accurate and there's an over/under of 20% that could be factored in.  That being said, I'm also measuring ahead of the game.  Doctor suggested maybe stripping my membranes at my next appointment, as well as another ultrasound to double check the measurements and check my fluid (that sounds like I'm getting a car tune up...).  I am 1 cm dilated, but I'm also a carrying a little high still (but he is in the downward position like he's supposed to be). Got some nice face pictures - he looks a lot like a squishy faced Ben.  :)

Holy cow, bud you're 2 and a half today!  Half way to your 3rd birthday.  We've got you trained to answer when your birthday is when we ask: "in my-cember" you say.  ;) You're constantly surprising us with things you've picked up.  Yesterday we had lots of fun things.  After your nap, we were sitting on the couch and you announced to daddy that you were a friend.  When dad said "you're a friend?" you answered yes and said that uncle was your best friend.  You didn't forget all night, every time we'd say "Benny, who is your best friend?" you'd promptly reply "my uncle!".  The cuddles and attention you gave him yesterday were astounding.  It was very sweet and I loved to see it.  I wish your Florida fam lived closer so we could make some of these memories with them as well.  At the end of the evening, we pointed to uncle and said "who's that?" and he said "that's a dude!" - so funny!


It's funny the things I never paid attention to until I had a tiny parrot in the back seat repeating them back to me.  Thankfully, I've been pretty good about cleaning up (most of) my language when you're up.  The things I apparently say a lot in the car while driving are "seriously people?" or "come on, dude." or "DRIVE!" and "oh my God."

You wore a 2T for about five minutes.  I bought you some very cute 2T clothes to take with us on our Florida adventure and they're all pretty much too small now.  Nana B bought you a bunch of 3T clothes that your daddy was worried you wouldn't fit in to until winter.  Thankfully, mommy & Nana B know what's up and you're wearing 3T perfectly now.  Your size 8 sandals that were slightly too big in Florida now fit just right and you'll probably out grow those soon.  That being said, there's still some 24 month clothes that you fit in to and you haven't outgrown all of your 2T things.  These manufacturer's really need to come up with a common sizing scale...

 Some of your favorite things right now: cars, planes, trucks, trains, emergency vehicles, anything that moves.  You love the Cars movies.   Your favorite characters are Mater, Finn McMissile (but you say Mick-ah-sile and it's very funny) and Francesco.  You also like Lightning McQueen but I think Mater & Finn are your most favorite.  When we go for walks, mommy is Lightning and you're Francesco.  Then we race.  Francesco always wins.  :)

You are LOVING the splash pad at Settler's Park this year.  We've taken you several times and you love it every time.  You got soaked by the big dumper once and that made you cry (which I was sure it was) but now you're better about staying away from the buckets.  You're starting to enjoy swinging again this summer.  Your first summer you loved to swing.  Last summer you HATED it.  This summer you'll do it for a little bit.  You like to sit on the big boy swings by yourself, so we're working to teach you how to pump your legs.

You love to paint and color and choose stickers from your sticker pads to put on paper.  We spend lots of time playing pretend - you love to push around your little travel suitcase (though you call it a "coo-sase" and I think that's pretty much the most adorable thing ever) and we play airport.  Today mommy's bed was the airplane and we traveled to Nana B's house where I had to wake her up.  ;)  You love to play outside, look at flowers and bees and bugs and airplanes and pretty much all the other things you liked earlier in the year.  

You're a super good counter, you know your numbers up to 13 or 14 I think and you're good at counting how many of something you have.  You can sing your ABC's but we haven't worked with you as much on recognizing your letters, which is something we need to spend more time with.  You can spell your name.

You do not love to have your nails cut.  We can usually talk you through calming down to let us do your fingernails, but I know the neighbors think we're torturing you when it's time to clip your toenails.  You don't think it's necessary to hold hands in the parking lot and we battle over this nearly every time.  You've also discovered you can open the fridge and you don't think you need to ask permission to get whatever you feel like having.  

The terrible 2's have struck our household.  Mommy & daddy are working very hard to help you through this phase.  I'd wager you're the best kid ever 90% of the time.  Maybe even 95% of the time.  Those periods of rottenness, though... my goodness, they do tend to overshadow the good some times.  You find my buttons so easily and push them with glee.  Wherever Nana A is, I know she's laughing hysterically.  I used to do the same to her (though I'm not sure I did it at such a young age...).  What goes around comes around... You're beginning to role play a little.  I can hear you at nap time putting your teddy bear in time out for hitting "you hit Ben.  time out.  2 minutes, right NOW" you say in the meanest voice.  Boy, I hope that's not what I sound like when I tell you to get your bum to time out...

I'm both excited and dreading bringing baby brother home.  You have a little glow worm that Nana A got you for your first Easter that stays in your crib and you call it your baby.  We can hear you rocking your baby and singing "rock a bye baby" to him.  That's the part I'm looking forward to.  I've seen you interact with other babies and you're very tender.  However, I know you.  And I know how you act when you're not getting the attention you think you need and I'm concerned.  We'll make it through but more adjustments are coming.

You're doing fantastically with potty training.  You haven't had an accident in ages (well, except during some of your time outs.  you just don't tell us you have to go - we'd totally allow you to pause time out for a potty break).  We still keep ya in a diaper for sleeps, though you don't like it.  I should just cold turkey the diapers and power through but it's selfishness on my part.  I'm already sleeping like poop because of this pregnancy (leg cramps + a constant need to pee = awesomeness...) so I'm hoarding the times I do get to sleep solidly.

So, all in all, little guy, mommy & daddy love you to little bitty pieces.  I'm feeling guilty that we didn't give you more time to have all of your parents time and attention to yourself but I know you'll be a fantastic big brother.  I can't wait to see what the next 6 months brings us!

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