Thursday, June 7, 2012

34 Weeks.

No picture today and no little survey to fill out because I'm uber lazy.  Maybe I'll update with a photo later.  I had a request for one.  :)

I made brief mention of my appointment yesterday on Facebook, but wanted to write it down on the blog where it's easier to find later.

So, I guess when I'm pregnant, I have this really awesomely fast metabolism that doesn't hang around when I'm not pregnant (figures, right?).  I've only gained 2 pounds this pregnancy.  I thought it was 4, so either I'm remembering wrong or I've lost 2 of the 4 I had gained.  Sigh.  I promise I'm not intentionally "dieting" or not eating - I'm eating 3 meals (almost) every day (some days I get so busy to rush out of the house in the morning, I forget to grab something to eat - but more often than not, I'm eating breakfast) and I'm doing my very best to snack.  I usually have an extra dinner after Ben's gone to bed, like a bowl of cereal or something.  I just can't get the weight to stick.  She pointed out to me that at nearly full term, I weigh less now than I did at my pre-pregnancy weight with Ben. 

Doctor says they want you to gain at least 10 pounds in a pregnancy.  With Ben I gained 7, so I wasn't quite there but I was measuring correctly, my blood pressure was great and his heart rate was great, so not too concerned.  With this baby, I'm not even close.  And even though my blood pressure is still great, his heart beat is just where it's supposed to be and my belly is measuring right on track, she's ordered an ultrasound for my next appointment to make sure he's getting the growth and development he needs.  She doesn't think there's an issue and isn't trying to freak me out, she just wants to make sure.  Which I am 100% behind.  Whatever needs to be done, I'm for it.

Then she dropped a nice little nugget of news on me.  She's on vacation (as in, out of town vacation) the week I'm due.  She's actually gone after the 4th and isn't back until after my due date.  Sigh.  So either we hope he's early (like the very first few days into July, so that I'm still at my 38 week mark) or...?  I guess I'll just be okay with another doctor doing the delivery.  I wanted her to do it, I like her, I'm comfortable with her and I know she's awesome in the delivery room (I don't remember an awful lot about that day, but I know how at ease she made me and how she stayed with me the entire time I pushed).

As far as this pregnancy is going right now - I'm done.  :)  I have reached the point of being ready to not be pregnant any more.  I'm terribly uncomfortable, my pelvis is killing me and I swear I'm waddling around like I've got a 5 pound bowling ball clenched between my thighs.  I can't keep up with Ben and honestly, I'm too exhausted to even try.  I feel like a very absent parent these last few weeks.  A few days ago, I woke up exhausted and I pretty much napped on the couch and let Cars 2 babysit my child.  Mother of the year right here!

I sure hope to have some nursery updates to share over the next few days.  We're having a garage sale on Saturday and anything we don't sell will either be donated to a thrift store or the dump.  Hopefully clearing out all our extra crap that we no longer need (and making some $$ in the process) will be enough to get this room going.  I know exactly what I want to do, I just need to get the stuff and do it.

And if any one has a dresser they're getting rid of (a shorter one, not a tall one), let me know!  I am having the worst time finding what I want in terms of the dresser/changing table and a rocker.  Either it's $1,000 or non-existent... 

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