Friday, June 29, 2012

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Just a a place to write down some funny things Ben has said lately:

On our way to Florida, Ben was watching a movie on the little DVD player and asked Nick where his milk was.  Nick handed it to him, but instead of reaching for it, Ben just simply opened his mouth (like Nick should bottle feed him).  Nick said "don't you have hands?" and Ben holds them out, looks at both of them and says "yeah, I do!"
Also on our way to Florida, the flight attendant asked Ben what his name was.  He said "Ben!  I'm 2!  This one Nick (pointing to Nick).  That one... (really big pause)... that one Ben's mommy"
Also while in Florida, Nana was in the backseat of our awesome van, keeping Ben entertained and distracted from a meltdown as we were way beyond nap time.  She played a game with him where she'd reach for his sippy and say "that's my milk!" and Ben would burst into hysterical laughter, clutch his sippy to his chest and say "no, that's MY milk!".  Eventually this morphed into her saying "oh, can I have those feet then?  those are my feet" and Ben said "no!  those are my feet!  you can't have them, Benny needs them!"
I took Ben out back to play earlier and he got soaked in his pool.  I brought him in and stripped him naked, wrapped a towel around him and set him on the couch to watch a movie while I went to get him some dry clothes.  I came back out, and he had both index fingers pressed to each of his nipples and he said "I got my chest" and I said "you sure do" and then he says "you touch my buttons, too?"

I about died with laughter (and politely declined to touch his buttons).

I'd forgotten that he called his nipples his buttons.  I don't wish to EVER correct him.  I hope he calls them buttons when he's 50 years old.

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