Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Lately I have been reading like books are about to be banned.  In the past month, I have read:
So that's 16 books in roughly 30 days or so.  I feel like I'm missing some...

Lately I have been pricing crap for our upcoming garage sale.  Whoopie.
Lately I have been dialing it down and keeping Ben home more.  I think he was getting over-stimulated.
Lately I have been feeling incredibly tired, grouchy and pretty much done with being pregnant.  Only 6 more weeks...
Lately I have been completely stuck on little brother's name.  We thought we had it picked out.  Then I changed my mind.  But now I'm not sure.  So still no idea.  And no middle name at all decided on...
Lately I have been dying to start making over his room... gotta get all this crap gone, first (garage sale and/or thrift store and/or dump).  At least I'm making progress on cleaning it out.
Lately I have been attempting to find a nice rocker and dresser for little brother's room that isn't incredibly expensive but still functional and appropriate for his room... I'm not having much luck.
Lately I have been thinking a lot about crafting.  And then I take a nap instead.

And that's all my brain has the energy for right now.  Off to take a nap!  :)

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