Friday, June 22, 2012


Making huge progress on my "to do" list from a few posts back:
  1. clean out closet
    1. hanging clothes to charity or master closet
    2. sort through extra blankets - move those we're keeping to hall linen closet, rest to yard sale pile
    3. sort through games - keep only those we actually play, rest to yard sale pile
    4. find a new home for out of season household decor (garage?)
    5. old TV to charity
    6. box of misc glassware - sort what to keep (and move to new home - hutch?) and what to sell
    7. wrapping paper, gift bags, bows & tissue paper - need a new home (move to hall closet)
    8. other misc crap - sort through what to keep (and figure out where to store) and what to get rid of (trash vs yard sale)
  2.  clean out dresser - misc wrapping paraphernalia
    1. once empty, move to master bath
  3. card table - clear off, fold up and move to garage
  4. rocker - decide if going to recover or move to Ben's room. 
  5. trunk - sort through items and move to living room
  6. curtains - take down
  7. b and w photos on wall - take down, possibly re-frame and move to another wall in the house
  8. other decoration tchotchkes on the walls - remove, decide what to repurpose and what to sell
  9. nightstand:
    1. lamp - yard sale
    2. small hat box - yard sale
    3. stain to use in nursery
  10. get twin bed from dad's house for guest bed
  11. sell wicker headboard (list on Craigslist)
  12. queen mattress/box springs - sell (listed on Craigslist)
  13. Paint (one of the blues from paint chip - chair rail)
  14. clean carpets (or remove and replace with snap together laminate flooring)
  15. assemble crib
  16. sort through Ben's old clothes/toys and put away
  17. find and purchase changing table/dresser
  18. make or order bedding (PBK's Madras bedding)
  19. get crib mattress and bumper
  20. fill room up with other adorable baby gear
  21. bring home baby and be done with this planning nonsense :)
The closet is mainly full of baby stuff.  There's a small box of antique glassware that I don't have a new home yet and a few other miscellaneous items that need to be moved out.  Pretty much everything in the room now is only for baby. The crib is assembled and the mattress is in.

I went in a different direction with the bedding - when searching for something similar to the Pottery Barn Kid's Madras bedding I mentioned above, I found a super cute sail boat/nautical/light house themey set.  I realized I had quite a bit of that sort of decor throughout our house already and I knew from the beginning I wanted kind of an Americana-red/white/blue theme in his room.  I kept searching and found a very sweet red, white & blue with stars bedding set that I really liked for a reasonable price, so I ordered that today.  I've rounded up all the other decor items that we have that fit that theme and stuck them in his room.

I've ordered a bunch of stuff this week so now I'm just waiting for it to arrive.  I still need some things, mainly the expensive things like a dresser, the carrier and then some other random items like a mobile, curtains, a hamper, etc.  Hopefully this weekend we can choose some paint, find some nice chair rail moulding at the reStore and get that up and painted this weekend.  Then I need to clear everything out, run the carpet cleaner and start decorating and putting stuff away as it shows up at my house.

Today I bought a box of diapers, some nursing gear and new nipples for our bottles... it just got real.  The fun stuff is fun, once you start buying the practical stuff... it hits ya.   I walked in the house with the box of diapers and Nick had the same reaction I had "whoa".

Let's hope all my packages arrive before he does!!

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