Thursday, June 28, 2012

37 & 1/2 weeks

Another week, another baby update:

first, I had another ultrasound today.  Today the tech just checked my fluid, apparently I have a lot.  So baby is measuring large + extra fluid = big ol' swollen tummy.  My doctor said that the measurements can be off, but this tech is usually very accurate in her measuring, so my doctor is very confident that I've got a little porker in my belly.

Because she's trusting the measurements, she's suggested a 39 week induction if I don't go into labor on my own before then.  The longer he cooks, the bigger he gets.  The bigger he gets, the more risk of a complicated delivery and potential c-section.  I'm a-okay with her suggestion.  She's the professional and I trust her judgement.  This actually relieves some of my concerns.  I don't have a whole lot, but I am a little nervous about going in to labor.  I've never done that.  :)  I've never had my water break randomly or start the contraction process, so in a way this feels like my first pregnancy.  It's reassuring to me to know of a firm end date if I don't go on my own prior to then.

Today she checked me out and said I'm a full 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced (I actually had to look that up, I'd forgotten what the terms meant...) but that she could feel the head this time.  Whoopie.  Then she stretched my cervix to try to encourage labor.  We'd done that twice with Ben and I'd forgotten how unpleasant it was.  I remembered it didn't feel good.  I forgot how much it didn't feel good.

Anyway, after that she had me to a non-stress test.  Because I'm apparently rather fluid filled, she said it could be a sign that the placenta isn't doing it's job appropriately and she wanted to make sure the kiddo was doing okay in there.  So 25 very uncomfortable minutes later (I started out fine.... but then I started to get hot... and my sciatic started to really hurt and I couldn't get comfortable), all is well with me and the babe.  My weight remains the same but my blood pressure was amazing.  100/60.  I don't think it's ever been that low. 

My next appointment is Monday, no ultrasound this time.  She may attempt to stretch my cervix again and after that, I'll be referred to another doctor in her practice because my doctor flies out of town on the 5th for a family reunion.  Rude.  And then we'll schedule my induction for I think the 9th.  Which, hmm... I believe I'll ask if we can wait til the 11th.  Because then Nana B will be here and she can mind after Benny boy for us.  Hey, if I'm ordering up a delivery, I ought to get to pick the date, right?  :)

And now I'm off to finish putting the little dude's room together before Ben wakes up from his nap.  :)

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