Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Beesley's!!!!!

This weekend was NUTS! I'm all sore from yesterday! So, here's a recap.

Sunday was my very first Scentsy party at Elaine's house. Saturday we spent most of the day getting ready for it - I finalized my speech, rehearsed it like 12 times for Nick and made up cards just in case I lost my place. We went out in the afternoon to make some copies of the fliers for my folder inserts, headed to lunch and then went clothes shopping. I needed a new pair of khaki pants because mine are too big. 3 stores later, we finally found some in my size, and I snapped up a cute jean jacket. We attempted to go to Taco Bell arena and trade in my vouchers for actual tickets to Disney on Ice - next week - but there was some sort of event going on. We will go this week and get it taken care of.

Anyway, Sunday I got up at 8:00 and basically went non-stop til about 10:30. I finished up the details for my display, got it all packed up and ready to go, then I got ready to go. Mom came and got me about 12:00 and we headed over to Elaine's. Then was the party which was great. I didn't use my notes at all and I know I kind of jumped around. I think I did okay, but DEFINITELY room for improvement. No bookings off of her party, but I did have awesome sales!!!

After the party, mom & I went and picked up granny and then mom dropped me at home. I changed out of my party clothes in into regular clothes and then Nick & I headed over to my parents for pumpkin carving. As soon as we got there, I realized that Nick & I didn't have pumpkins, so we headed back out to get those and then came back to the house. Nick carved the best pumpkin, in my opinion. Simple, yet highly awesome. Then we ate dinner, and took granny home, met Carin at our house so she could get her newly repaired computer....THEN we went grocery shopping, came home, put away the groceries and did laundry. I crawled in bed sore and stiff and feeling like an old lady.

(Nick's is the winking face, mine is beside it and you can't tell what it is - it's supposed to be two ghosts and then in the middle it says "Trick or Treat" and my dad's is the moon w/ the bat)

Nick and I have made a pact on several things. The first of which is to control our unnecessary spending. We've agreed that the first one to make a unnecessary purchase will be punished. If Nick spends before me - he has to watch Titanic with me. If I spend before Nick - I have to watch Braveheart with him. :-) We'll see if this really works! We're also on a goal to lose weight - obviously I'm already working towards that with my hypnosis stuff, but I really need to step it up and get my rear in gear by working out. If we reach our goal, we're going to reward ourselves with a trip to someplace like Mexico or Hawaii. Which goes hand in hand with the goal of cutting out the unnessary spending - if we save enough, we can take our trip to reward ourselves!

OH! I think we're gonna do a costume party on Friday! I'm so excited! I found that several places are having them - Channel 2 news is doing one at Qwest Arena - it's $10/person to get in. I think we might go to that, so I'm planning costumes in my mind.

That's all for now!

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  1. HEY! I miss you guys. I am so sad I can't join you on Friday night. That sounds like so much fun. Also good luck with your Weight lose and your money spending. I am rooting for you. Hope all else is well.