Sunday, October 5, 2008

Football & Lightning! Pinochle & Family! Axes & Urgent Care!

The title pretty much sums up the Beesley weekend. A bit confused? Lemme 'splain. Saturday started out pretty normal - we headed out to Connor's football game to see him play and so I could drop off Scentsy deliveries to my mom & Carin. The weather was looking ominous & sure enough, about 20 minutes into Connor's game came the rain, the lightning & the thunder. They stopped the game for about a half hour - we went and sat in our car, and Connor's football team went into Carin's school (wasn't that a convenient location - to be playing in the fields right next to her school?). Well, half hour came by, the weather mostly passed and the game continued. Connor's team won! It was awesome! I love being able to see him play and watch him transform from playing on rag-tag teams where looking at ladybugs in the grass in the outfield is WAY cooler than paying attention to the actual game vs learning the intricacies of the game.

After the game we all headed out to Bardenay for lunch/dinner. Later that evening, Nick and I are sitting on the couch watching TV when we get a call from my brother inviting us over to play Pinochle. So, off we went. Got to see Sparky - it's like nothing ever happened to her, she was playful and her normal self. She does have some pretty wicked ouchies, but they seem to be healing really well.

Sunday we got up and headed over to my parents to watch the Packers lose & then a late lunch. After that, we were standing at Wal Mart, trying to find a pair of jeans for Nick when my phone rang. It was mom saying that the paramedics were at the house for dad. My heart sank all the way to my knees and I'm sure my face went white. The first thing I thought of was his heart. Well, turns out it wasn't nearly as awful as we all had imagined. Dad was out chopping wood to make a fire and the ax flew, landing on his foot. Of course, he was chopping wood in SANDALS. Smartie pants. The paramedics came and left, I drove mom & dad to the Urgent Care and Nick followed behind in our car. Like an hour and a half later (and the stupid receptionist lady was watching friggin Animal Precinct and I, of course, bawled through it), dad came out with a few stitches and instructions for care.

So that's my weekend. :-) Oh well, I guess that's not all of it. Friday night Nick and I went on date night. We went out to dinner at Red Lobster and i discovered that I do like shrimp. I had quite a few. :-) Then we headed out to the movie theatre and watched Appaloosa and it was really good! I'm glad we went. Next weekend we're gonna go see Body of Lies. we saw a lot of previews for some pretty good movies coming soon, so we might find ourselves at the theatre more often!

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