Wednesday, October 8, 2008

With Great Joy Comes Great Dismay

Well, I got myself all hyped up about getting a Scentsy sale today. I got my Consultant Binder ready to go with my plug in, a bar, a room spray and a card candle. I assembled more catalog's with the Ocobter specials. Armed with my basket of testers, I headed out to work.

I could hardly contain myself all day - I was so hoping that when I showed Leslie all my goodies that others would flock and I would walk out with a killer sale. 11:00 rolls around and I can't stand myself any more so I left. I get to the place and I don't see Leslie up front. I thought well maybe she's in the bathroom or with a client or stepped away, so I sat down in the lobby for about 5 minutes. Finally I went up to the desk and asked about her.

Oh. She's sick. Won't be in today.


I know she didn't do it on purpose, but I got my feelings all hurt and felt down in the dumps. I kept thinking how she said that she took my catalog home. Well, my catalog has my contact info plastered all over. It has my cell - she could have called. It has my email - she could have sent me a quick note to say she's not feeling well.

Oh well. I got over being discouraged pretty quick. I have an appointment there tomorrow at 10:00 anyway, so I'll just haul all my gear with me on the chance that she's working tomorrow.

On another note - I sold a policy today! It's the first policy I've actually sold as a licensed agent and I've been an agent for like 5 years. I'm pretty stoked. Amy told me if I tell Greg that I sold it all by myself that he'll give me the commission on it. YAY!

Anyway, today kinda blows, work wise. Every one's left (that's what happens when it's family owned - the son has a soccer game so every one but me left early to go watch it) and I'm holding down the fort. It's actually quiet at the moment. I feel like all the crazies have come out of the woodwork - especially today. It doesn't help any that I'm completely overwhelmed and Greg's been out of the office a lot. I have stuff just like...piling up and I'm giving serious consideration to setting fire to it all. :-)

Well, this has mostly been a bitchfest and a pity party. If you made it to the end - I'm sorry. :-) On a completely random tanget - I'm considering cutting my hair. Of course, I'll hate it as soon as I do and get mad at myself for growing it out for 2 years and then chopping it off, but I'm tired of this 'do and am looking for something else. Maybe I'll just weart it in a pony tomorrow for a change of pace. Ha.

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  1. I really hope that she's there today for your session!!! And I hope you rock it out and get a good order. :)