Friday, November 18, 2011

23 Months.

I can't believe that a month from today, this little guy is going to be 2 years old. It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting his arrival!! It was around this time 2 years ago that my doctor said it could be any day and talked about what we'd do if I went into labor over the Thanksgiving holiday. It turns out that he didn't come for another month and we ended up kicking him out via inducement, but still, I can remember those feelings of anticipation and frustration and excitement over meeting our little boy.

{1 day old}

He continues to delight our days. He's surprising me every single day with new words he's picked up. He has favorites that he likes to say over and over ("cycle" for "motorcycle", "hippo", etc) but he's always adding new ones that blows our socks off. He knows so much more than he can communicate and it never fails to amaze me. For example, the other day I was brushing my teeth and I said to him (with a mouthful of foamy spit, mind you) "go get your sweatshirt, it's on the dining room table" - he said okay and ran off down the hall. I finished brushing my teeth and came out to see if he needed help, and what do I find? Ben, racing back down the hall, sweatshirt in hand. :)

{helping me make cookies}

We've started potty training again with more enthusiasm. He was making really great progress until we went to Chicago when we had a major setback. He refused to use the toilet there, so for nearly 2 weeks, we had no training. I didn't have the desire to get back in to it when we came home. We've been doing it here and there since then, but not as diligently as we could. He's really good about going and doesn't have a lot of accidents, so the lack of training really falls on me. I've been motivated to get back on it, so we're working on it some more.

{to sit on the potty, he must first touch his head to the floor - makes me laugh every time}

He's still napping about 3 hours every day, which I love. emailed me earlier in the week and said I might want to start limiting his afternoon nap, so it doesn't interfere with night time sleep. I told that email to take a hike. HA! I love my 3+ hour windows of ME time in the middle of the day. I can read, I can scrapbook, I can clean, I can have a nap - it doesn't matter, it's MY time and I look forward to it every day.

{he loves to play the piano}

I decided to scrap the party I was planning for his birthday. I was disappointed in the response I got from friends that might want to come. It feels like an awful lot of work for just one or two little friends that might come. Added to that, I just couldn't find the excitement within myself to plan it. So I decided to save myself the expense and the work of a party. While he may have enjoyed it, he definitely won't remember and it's just not worth the trouble if no one wants to come. We had a great time at his party of just family last year, so I know we'll have just as much fun this year.

Anyway, this month saw Ben's first hair cut. It was long over due and he looks so very cute and grown up. He handled it very well and I hope future haircuts go as smoothly. :) Maybe if there are always suckers involved...

{first haircut!}

The tantrums are getting better and the hitting/biting is subsiding some what. He still gets a little crazy when he's all mad, but not as bad as it used to be. We've got a time out chair in the dining room that we've used occasionally and I think it's really effective.

So I think that's it for what's new with Ben this month. He's still in a 2T and a 7 shoe. I had to take him in to the doctor for a little sinus/ear infection earlier in the month and I know he's about 26 lbs. He's working on getting the rest of his teeth, he's got 1 new one and about 5 others that are waiting to poke through. Boy, will I be glad when that's over.


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