Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I finally did it! I've been pinning lunches on Pinterest for a few weeks now and I finally remembered to plan for both lunch and breakfast in addition to my routinely planned dinner menu. Yay me! :)

Monday: Oatmeal with fruit
Tuesday: Toast with butter & jam & yogurt
Wednesday: Waffles/Pancakes
Thursday: Cereal with sliced banana
Friday: French Toast & yogurt
Saturday: Scrambled eggs, bacon & toast
Sunday: Waffles

Monday: PB&J with a fruit cup
Tuesday: Ham & Pineapple skewers with cottage cheese
Wednesday: toast, cottage cheese, apple sauce & carrots w/ dip
Thursday: sliced strawberries, steamed carrots & cauliflower, kidney beans & cheese
Friday: peanut butter banana dogs with fruit cup
Saturday: left over calzones with cottage cheese
Sunday: left over lasagna soup


Monday: Packer's Game ~ Dad's bringing dinner
Tuesday: Beef Stew with biscuits
Wednesday: Stroganoff with steamed broccoli
Thursday: Bruschetta Chicken with salad & steamed veggie
Friday: Easy Calzones with salad & steamed veggie
Saturday: Lasagna Soup with French Bread
Sunday: 15 Minute Vegetarian Chili with corn bread

  • That dang 15 Minute Chili keeps getting moved back and back. :) It's all canned goods, so it's an easy meal to push back til later when you get a sudden & fierce craving for Chinese food (that your husband is oh so very happy to indulge, since I don't often want to eat Chinese).
  • Isn't it funny how after you plan a menu you see what sort of a mood you're in? I had no idea I planned so many Italian-style dishes until I was writing this post. 3 meals in a row! :)
  • The beef stew I linked to is a similar recipe to how my mom made hers - I haven't tried this version yet, but since I've had my mom's before, I'm hoping it's good!
  • The Bruschetta Chicken is a bit of a time commitment to make but it's so absolutely worth it. This is one that I can prepare ahead of time during nap time, so it's a great fit for our family.

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