Friday, November 11, 2011


Well, I finally did it. I finally decided Ben's hair was too long and needed to be cut. Other people in my family *ahem, every one else* has been asking me when I was going to cut it.

It just seems we waited so long for our bald baby to get some dang hair and now every one wanted me to cut it off!! Ha ha, no, I was just being sentimental. I loved his sweet little crazy hair over his left ear from where he'd play with it. A sign Ben is tired? He twirls his hair. He plays with it to soothe himself (and mine as well). :)

But in any case. We did it. Took the plunge. There's a great kids hair salon right around the corner from our house that we've driven past so many times. Several friends of ours had already done first haircuts there and it came well recommended. If you're local, it's called 2 B A Kid and they specialize in little kid cuts. The "chairs" are all animals or vehicles and the stylists are used to cutting squirmy kids hair.

As soon as we walked in the door, Ben saw the jars of candy and demanded a yummy. Sucker firmly in his mouth, truck clutched in one hand, we loaded him up on the red four wheeler and he was a happy camper.

He didn't mind the cape or the girl cutting his hair. Being sprayed with the water bothered him a little, but no so much that he cried or tried to get away. He did so good during the cut, I was so happy and proud of him.

We're going through a difficult phase with Ben and I fully expected this to be a nightmare. I was so pleased that he did so great! I totally thought I was gonna have to strap on a cape and sit with him to get the job done. I'm glad I didn't. :)

I do miss my baby boy's silky hair. This new, cut hair feels different. Ha ha. He looks so grown up, it takes my breath away some times. And, poor little boy keeps trying to twirl his hair and he doesn't have enough left to play with! Sigh. You just can't keep 'em little.

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