Thursday, November 17, 2011


I’m weird because…
I play with my hair: twirl it, wave it under my nose like a mustache, sniff it, etc
I'll straighten the shelves at a store while I'm shopping
I don't like to touch paper after I've just washed my hands
I can't stand the sound of paper being creased
I would rather change a million stinky poopy diapers than scrub my toilet
I hate turkey
I could eat cheese & crackers for lunch every day
I love the way Ben's drool smells (that sounds so gross to even type out, but it's true, I love it)

I’m a bad friend because…
I have good intentions of mailing you that package I said I would (I even go as far as boxing it up and labeling it, only to have it sit on my counter, waiting to go out for months), but I fail 90% of the time.
I get wrapped up in my own life and no longer feel like doing the play date I said I would do

I’m a good friend because…
I don't judge.
I'll tell you that you can call me any time of the night to talk and I absolutely mean it (though no one has taken me up on this)
I'm reasonable and will try to help you through any problem with the best advice I can give
I have a wonderful sense of the wacky :)
I (try really hard) not to gossip

I’m sad because…
I miss my mama. I went to visit her today. Ben said hi. :)
Thanksgiving is next week. I'm not going to lie - I'm completely dreading it
I have big dreams that I can't fulfill (yet)
All I got in the mail today was bills and junk. How come no one ever wants to send me free money?

I’m happy because…
I have a sweet little boy who is giving me loads of cuddles recently
I'm arranging crafty time with some mama's in my mama group
It rained today. I love it when it rains.

I’m excited for…
Christmas. I'm looking forward to watching Ben open his presents on Christmas Eve and be delighted the next morning by Santa's gifts
The New Year. New possibilities, hopes & dreams. A chance to start fresh.
The parade on Saturday.

Sharing my "fill in the blanks" today because Little Miss Momma did :)


  1. Awww. You have a package for me??? That's so sweet! ;)

    You are an awesome friend, I have to agree. Even if I haven't taken you up on the offer to call you in the middle of the night (actually, now that I think of it, I think I lost your number so I couldn't if I wanted to).

    And Ben's drool? Really???

  2. ok, LOVE this post and smiled as i read every single word. want to know a secret? I love the way my sons spit smells too, lol! You sound like you would be a great friend to have, although I DO like getting things in the mail :)
    xoxo, ashley

  3. visiting from little miss momma-
    i'm weird because i can't STAND STICKERS, of any kind! I am excited for Christmas too! SUPER excited!